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Port Macquarie, New South Wales
19C / 66F
Total Time = 14h 02m
Overall Rank = 1218/
Age Group = 25-29
Age Group Rank = 24/29
Pre-race routine:

Alarm went off at 4:30am. Can't say I slept really well so having the extra hour due to daylight savings finishing was a bit of a bonus. The most refreshing thing was that I felt ready to race, I felt as though this IM was within my reach. Phew.

Had laid all my clothes out the night before and had written myself a checklist with inane things like eat muffin with honey, drink juice, take banana for walk. Which meant I should eat it on the way. It was mainly so I wouldn't forget my Powerbars & Gatorade that spent the night in the freezer.

Was ready to leave with Liane & Michel at 4:50am. It was cool and wet. Only to get wetter as rain pelted down as we were walking to transition. Nothing holds water quite like a polar fleece!
Event warmup:

Huddled in the registration tent until the rain eased a little and then scurried to our bikes. I packed my bento box and next thing I know Michel is pumping up my tyres. What a gentleman! I felt like such a girl. Oh wait, I am.

Then it was back to complete mission: wetsuit. Not easy when you're wet. Slathered self in body glide, got wetsuit on and tried to ignore the fact that it was irritating my neck and inner aspect of my elbow.

Met Rachel outside the compound, happily posed for photos in my wetsuit (I must be nuts) with the Shepard's Warning Sky behind us.

Found Coach Andy for a hug before we crossed the competitor only line. Hugged each other and yellow caps (read slow swimmers) Liane & I headed into the water.

We bobbed about for what seemed like ages. Then the anthem was sung, then the cannon went. Holy Crap! Is that the start??? Where's the warning??? SWIM!!!!
  • 1h 16m 29s
  • 3800 meters
  • 02m 01s / 100 meters

For the first 200m it was a bit of a battle to find one's own space. I tried to keep with Liane but she did a bit of weaving that I wasn't prepared to do.

How does 1:16 go by so quickly?? We had a current swimming towards Settlement point. I was in no mans land for probably 300m and then I kept finding feet and people to pass. Swimming back towards the IM village was a touch harder but I had a well established draft by then. I really thought I should apologies to the guy because I tapped his toes far too many times. I can't believe he wasn't kicking in retaliation. Like I did, except all it got me was a pulled leg and then some cramp! Was surprised also to have my left arm pushed down when there was plenty of space. Apart from that, an enjoyable swim (yes, you read that right Paul). So incredibly happy to have gone under 1:20.
What would you do differently?:

Swim more than once a week?
Could not be happier with this effort.
Transition 1
  • 06m 23s

Gosh, this felt slower than 6 mins. I was almost pulled off the chair when it came to taking my wetsuit off. Was happy that I'd chosen my 2XU endurance singlet and that I'd bought arm warmers just in case. Didn't start with them on because I was interested in getting some sunscreen on, which I decided to rub in about half an hour later.
What would you do differently?:

Probably should have baby oiled my wetsuit arms and legs to assist in removal.
  • 7h 04m 57s
  • 180.1 kms
  • 25.43 km/hr

The lap looked a bit like this undulating uphill, steep downhill, flat (headwind), undulating downhill, turnaround, undulating uphill, flat (tailwind), mother of a hill, undulating down. Repeat x3.

Lap 1. Rode well within my limits, but kind of deviated off my nutrition plan when at 30mins at the first aid station they were offering ANZAC biscuits. I had to have me one of them. At 45min I had 1/3rd Powerbar and started my nutrition that way. Not long before the turnaround I saw Laura & Liane, so I wasn't that far behind. But I wasn't planning to catch them either.

Had a chat to a woman who kept repeating to me, that swim had to be long, that swim was really slow. I said, I was pretty happy with my swim. She shook her head as if I was wrong. Whatever.

Then I came across a guy whose top said: SWIM, BIKE, WALK and in red KNEE RECONSTRUCTION. Turns out his ankle had given way about a week or so ago and he'd hurt his knee in the process and was going for a knee reco after the race. My hat was off to him. He replied anyone who finished the race was a champion in his eyes. He ended up passing me not long after.

The first attempt at the mother of a hill (MOAH) was tough. I almost didn't have enough momentum and nearly came off my bike. I almost cried when I'd made it to the top. But I knew the run back into town was pretty easy and that I'd get some cheers from my Mum.

Lap 2. I spent most of this lap drinking, but also trying to wizz on the downhills. I wasn't successful at all. Nutrition was going to plan and I was happy with how easily I was hydrating even though it was coolish with rain.

At the turnaround I'd done 90km in 3.5 hours. I was right on track and feeling good. Keep this up and I could go 7 hours as predicted.

Coming back on the flat was pretty easy, I was in aero and a guy rode past telling me to sit up so my back could be used as a sail. I thought that was some good info. I'd sit up and take it easy for a bit, get down in aero and then have another little break.

I was well prepared for the MOAH at Matthew Flinders Drive this time. And as luck would have it there was only me going up at that stage so all the cheers were for me. ME!!! They just lifted me up.

Lap 3. Heading out of town I stopped for a quick wizz. It was kinda nice to get off the bike and I felt good getting back on. This time though the wind had picked up, particularly along the flat and I felt like I was going backwards. Speed dropped 5km/hr for that section. Uh. Hard work.

Had some company up the MOAH which I was thankful for. I did fear I'd give up and get off. Alas not. The thought of getting off the bike propelled me back into town. 15mins before the end of the bike I took a Gu & two panadol. See I thought there was something clicking on the bike, but it turns out it had been my knee the whole time. *Shudder*
What would you do differently?:

5 mins off my goal time, on a tougher course than I could have ever imagined. I'm happy. I had no back pain and no knee pain (just grinding/clicking). Very lucky indeed.

I just need to get stronger on the hills if my time is to improve.
Transition 2
  • 05m 15s

I left my shoes on the bike, but didn't do a proper dismount. Felt pretty good to get off the bike and even better to have a change of clothes. 2XU compression shorts & brooks capped sleeve t-shirt were thrown on. I SportShield'ed my inner arms to stop chafing and I was off.
  • 5h 34m 10s
  • 42.2 kms
  • 07m 55s  min/km

So while I was directed ok out of the change tent, there wasn't much direction going on for when I hit the course. I just had to hope like hell I was running the right way. Not before I took my five packets of Gu out of my back pocket and stashed them around my body so they wouldn't bounce against my back.

I finally found a volunteer, stopped and asked her if I was running the right way from the change rooms. I was. Phew, I could relax. Trotted off to Settlement point, where again I saw Laura & Liane just before the turn around.

At that aid station there was a familiar face. We'd met Warrick through the 'Adopt an Athlete' program that Laura had signed up to. He asked how I was going and if he could get me anything. Yeah! Jelly beans! He gave me a cup. I threw the black ones and go on with eating the coloured ones.

It was flat all the way back to where my coach was standing. I was just enjoying a different activity, watching all the people runners & spectators alike. I was determined to run 2 laps of the course before I started walking hills. I managed that. I did walk aid stations because I was going to be a touch underdone on nutrition because I thought I'd dropped a Gu (turns out I hadn't).

Lap 2 I told the woman who gave me a scrunchie that I'd been waiting a long time to see her. I stopped for the bathroom, I was given glow sticks and I was getting lots of comments about my top. Go Pinky they'd yell. Didn't they know it wasn't pink, it was sorbet??? As a girl out on the course (one of 250 out of ~1500) there was plenty of support. It was amazing.

Lap 3 At 10km to go it got hard. At 7km to go when I had a bit of a chat to my Mum it got even harder. My legs were just aching and I knew I had a fair bit of uphill to get through. I couldn't do it, I couldn't run up those hills again, so I walked up them and ran any downhills or flats that I encountered. I got the coke into me to give me a lift but it didn't quite work it's magic. Running along the breakwater there was a lightening storm going on out at see. The bright lights of the finish line seemed so far away. Evey spectator I passed had something good to say. I was almost in tears knowing I was so far, but so close.

200m before the finish chute was my coach. I ran at him sobbing. We hugged for a while. I don't think he could say much either. When I let go he said go and find your Mum & enjoy the finish. I thanked him.

I jogged down the blue carpet blinded by the bright lights and kind of startled by all the cheering and noise. I could hear my club mates cheering me on, but I was afraid of missing my Mum. There she was, half way down. Again I threw myself at her and starting sobbing. She let me go and as I crossed the line I heard "Caroline you are an IRONMAN... Caroline's 29 from Elwood and she's a Forensic Photographer, I bet she see's some interesting stuff..."

I was handed a towel, had a medal put around my neck and wad walked to the medical tent. I must have been horribly stinky!
What would you do differently?:

Not cry my way up to the finish line!
Oh and work on my running. Hills at Kew blvd will be my friends.
Post race
Warm down:

No medical assistance required I took a bottle of water, I couldn't handle the thought of sweet fizzy stuff. Hobbled to the massage queue. While it was nice to have another sensation other than pounding through my legs and lower back, I was a touch disappointed with my rub down. But hey, they were volunteers. They did an awesome job all up and tried to thank as many as I could. They were all very gracious.

I got my finishers t-shirt and put that on with my arm warmers that I'd run the day with flapping at my side. At last they came in use.

Then it was time for food, I wanted ice cream so badly but I was too cold. So I managed a bread roll and a mouthful of pasta. Then it was off to find my support crew, who did a fabulous job.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

The usual: talent.

Event comments:

I finished the race in much better condition than I had anticipated, I just didn't think it would be so emotional. It's a tough course without a doubt, but I wouldn't change anything about my day.

Thank you to everyone who offered me support and words of encouragement, you were all in my thoughts during the day.

Overall Pos: 1218
Gender Pos: 162
Category Pos: 24

Last updated: 2008-03-02 12:00 AM
01:16:29 | 3800 meters | 02m 01s / 100meters
Age Group: 0/29
Overall: 973/
Performance: Good
Suit: 2XU Long sleeve Wetsuit
Course: The 3.8km swim begins opposite the Sea Rescue Headquarters and is a deep-water start. The first lap takes swimmers heading west to the Marina , then veering right heading north approximately 550m towards Settlement Point to the turnaround point. Swimmers will head back in a clockwise direction, completing the first lap at a turnaround point opposite Westport Park. The second lap follows the same course, returning to Westport Park (Ironman Village) exiting at the boat ramp adjacent to the car park.
Start type: Deep Water Plus:
Water temp: 0F / 0C Current: Medium
200M Perf. Good Remainder: Good
Breathing: Good Drafting: Good
Waves: Navigation: Good
Rounding: Good
Time: 06:23
Cap removal: Average Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? Yes Run with bike:
Jump on bike:
Getting up to speed:
07:04:57 | 180.1 kms | 25.43 km/hr
Age Group: 0/29
Overall: 0/
Performance: Good
Wind: Little
Course: The bike course is one of the most spectacular Ironman bike rides in the world with the cycle winding along beside the Pacific Ocean on the beautiful and undulating Pacific Drive . The undulating three-lap course incorporates the City Centre and will provide excellent viewing for spectators. Starting at Buller Street from Westport Park athletes travel along to and over the Buller Street bridge and turn left at Short Street (roundabout) followed by a right turn onto Clarence Street. Following Clarence Street through the heart of town, athletes veer right onto William Street which then turns into the beautiful Pacific Drive . Here the course becomes undulating to Lighthouse Road where athletes turn left and then turn right at Davis Crescent and down and around and then left onto Matthew Flinders Drive, where athletes then travel along the coastline to the Ocean Drive roundabout. Turning left at the Ocean Drive roundabout athletes will then make their way along Ocean Drive to and through the township of Lake Cathie on Ocean Drive and proceed further south to Houston Mitchell Drive where they will turn right and proceed along Houston Mitchell Drive for approximately 5.1kms to the turnaround point. Athletes will then return on the same course back to Port Macquarie via Matthew Flinders Drive , with a right turn into Davis Crescent and around and left up onto Lighthouse Road and back to Pacific Drive. Once back at Westport Park on Buller Street athletes turn right into Park Street at the traffic lights and proceed to the second turnaround point on Park Street beside the entrance to Westport Park parking area (the bike finish chute) and proceed back to the lights and turn left again into Buller Street to commence the second of 3 laps.
Road:   Cadence:
Turns: Cornering:
Gear changes: Good Hills: Good
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 05:15
Overall: Good
Riding w/ feet on shoes Good
Jumping off bike
Running with bike
Racking bike
Shoe and helmet removal
05:34:10 | 42.2 kms | 07m 55s  min/km
Age Group: 24/29
Overall: 1198/
Performance: Average
Course: The marathon course takes competitors along the Hastings River foreshores and along beside the beaches and parts of Pacific Drive which combines rolling hills with beautiful scenery to provide excellent viewing for both competitors and spectators. At the Run exit veer left onto the pathway in Westport Park past the boat ramp, head to Park Street (with the bike turnaround on your left) and turn RIGHT onto Park Street and proceed on the right hand side of the roadway along Park Street (sea) side but keeping left of oncoming runners on the roadway and/or paths where provided to Settlement Point Road following the shoreline of the Hastings River to the first turnaround point at the Settlement Point car park area just past the Ferry. Return on the same (sea) side of the roadway keeping left and facing oncoming runners back to Westport Park, turn left towards the water and veer right and along the pathway past the Park/Transition area and stay on the pathway back to the race start area. Continue behind the Country Comfort Motel before heading to the Town Centre via the Buller Street Bridge, turning left off the bridge and proceed along and through the car park past the Hastings Fish Co-operative ( the Hastings River is on your left at this point) to the Town Green and continue along the pathway to the breakwall. Proceed along the breakwall to the end, turn right and head towards and past Town Beach and then veer right across the car park and up onto the grassed section and over Flagstaff Hill. Run parallel with Pacific Drive and down and onto Pacific Drive proper on the left hand side of the roadway above Oxley Beach and head south along Pacific Driveon the left hand side to the turnaround point at Rocky Beach lookout on Pacific Drive being aware that from Oxley Beach to the turnaround point there may still be cyclists. Keep left at all times heading out and keep on the eastern/sea side of Pacific Drive and inside barriers/cones at all times- especially heading back- that separate bikes and runners on that part of Pacific Drive. After the turn, head back north and proceed directly back along Pacific Drive. On reaching the top of Oxley Beach continue past and proceed along the top of Flagstaff Hill veering off Pacific Drive onto the grassed area and head down and right into and across the Town Beach carpark again picking up the pathway along beside the beach. Head back to and along the breakwall and re-trace your steps through the Town Green areas and over the Buller Street Bridge. Coming off the bridge continue towards the Country Comfort Motel i.e. do not turn right to the pathway at that point but continue along Buller Street a short distance and then turn right into Hollingsworth Street and back behind the Motel joining up with the pathway again and then along to Westport Park past the finish chute, collect your first scrunchie and commence the second lap of the 3 laps. At the southern corner of the Westport Bowling Club on the completion of the third lap you will be directed left into the finish chute to the finish line in the Park.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 5
Physical exertion [1-5] 5
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

2008-04-10 3:50 AM

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Extreme Veteran
Subject: Ironman Australia

2008-04-10 9:46 AM
in reply to: #1327880

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Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia

Congratulations Casie. What an excellent day!

All that hard training paid off and you had a great attitude coming into the whole thing. It sounds as if you knew the distances were huge and the course was tough but you were determined to finish in style.

2008-04-10 1:42 PM
in reply to: #1327880

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Extreme Veteran
Brisbane QLD
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!  Well done Caroline!    Bloody brilliant report!  You had me hanging on everyword and in tears by the finish! What a brilliant start to your IRONMAN career!  Hope your knee is okay.  O_O

2008-04-10 2:03 PM
in reply to: #1327880

Subject: ...
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2008-04-10 2:53 PM
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Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Congratulations on becoming an Ironman, such an amazing effort and it sound't like you had a wonderful day.

Enjoy the rest, remember the feeling of crossing the line, that awesome feeling will last a lifetime.

Cheers Guy
2008-04-10 6:41 PM
in reply to: #1327880

Lacey, Washington
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
CONGRATULATIONS IRONMAN! Wow, what a great report--well written, it was like I could picture you going the whole way! Truly wonderful job--way to start off the BT IM season! You rock!

2008-04-10 7:51 PM
in reply to: #1327880

Subject: RE: Ironman Australia

Congratulations Casie!!! That was such a phenomenal race report I felt like i could imagine being there with you throughout the race.


2008-04-10 8:05 PM
in reply to: #1327880

Subject: RE: Ironman Australia

Love it, love it, love it!!! Super report. Felt like I was right there at Port Mac.

You're a legend Casie, well done mate. I hope you enjoy the fact that you're now an Ironman (who's this Caroline chick??)

PS an enjoyable swim......come can't fool me, swimming is never fun

2008-04-10 8:17 PM
in reply to: #1327880

Perth, Oz
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia

Casie you are an IRONMAN!!  I don't htink I'll ever get tired of reminding myself that I did an Ironman and I reckon you won't either.

 congrats on such  fabulous effort.   I'm so glad I got to watch (from across the country) your training in the lead up and then actually doing the event!

so much of your race report was exactly what I experienced too I got goose bumps just reading it! 

Congrats and enjoy your awesome experience.  bask in the after Ironman glow for a while   and wear that Ironman finishers shirt with pride!

2008-04-11 8:10 AM
in reply to: #1327880

Robbinsville NJ
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Awesome job and very inspiring!
2008-04-11 3:23 PM
in reply to: #1327880

Port Moody, BC
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Great effort! Very well done and now you are an IRONMAN!!!!

2008-04-11 3:56 PM
in reply to: #1327880

Iron Donkey
, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Great job, Casie!!!
2008-04-12 4:31 AM
in reply to: #1327880

Perth, Australia
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Well done Casie, you're an IRONMAN! What an awesome achievement!!! You should be so so proud of yourself. I really enjoyed reading your race report, it made me feel like I was right there. I glad you enjoyed your day and that you finished so well. Enjoy your recovery time and I am looking fwd to the next installment
2008-04-12 5:26 AM
in reply to: #1327880

Melon Presser
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia


That's a truly incredible tale--very detailed and well-written race report.

What an impressive accomplishment, not just the race of course but all the training. Super job, and may your rest and recovery be going well. 

2008-04-13 7:09 AM
in reply to: #1327880

Severna Park, MD
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia

Incredible, just incredible.....I am so impressed.


2008-04-14 4:29 PM
in reply to: #1327880

Stirling, Scotland
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia

Love it, love it, love it.

Great RR Casie. Well done. I am feeling so chuffed just reading your report. You put a smile on my face. Well done irongirl.

2008-04-14 5:05 PM
in reply to: #1337532

Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Great race, great report!
2008-04-14 6:00 PM
in reply to: #1327880

San Antonio, TX
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia

Congrats!!!  You did awesome.

I hope my day goes as well.  Sounds like you were able to handle everything the day threw at you.  Way to go Ironman!!!

2008-04-16 5:45 AM
in reply to: #1327880

Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Congratulations Casie, "You are an Ironman". How good was it to hear those words!
2008-04-16 9:26 AM
in reply to: #1327880

Atlanta, Georgia
Bronze member
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Great RR!

Can you imagine a day when doing one of these things will be 'just another day at the office'? Neither can I.

Congrats again.

2008-04-17 7:28 AM
in reply to: #1327880

Millersville, MD
Subject: RE: Ironman Australia
Really enjoyed your RR - you took us through the physical and emotional highs and lows.  Felt like I was there, and got me thinking about how much I'd love to do this one (especially if 66 degrees F is a normal temp!).  Thanks for sharing your day with us!

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