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84F / 29C
Total Time = 1h 42m
Overall Rank = /
Age Group = Women's Open
Age Group Rank = 3/
Pre-race routine:

Y'know ... I didn't do much planning for this race. (I was expecting, MAYBE, to do the 1.2K swim as a workout, and decide the night before whether or not even to do that, as I have been recovering from dengue fever, in the midst of which I did a triathlon, which *slightly* prolonged my recovery time).

Fortunately, I was staying with BFF-of-30-years Melida (we swam together in high school), so I stole her (high school, heh! it says "Jakarta Dragons") towel, her boyfriend's long-sleeved shirt and track pants to wear as warmup gear, had left some stuff from the Bali tri at her place which I grabbed again ... at least I'd remembered to bring a swim suit (which, of course, I'd never worn before. But it matters not--this is HILLARY BISCAY's suit!!! Ironman champ, first outta water at CDA ... Surely if I wear her suit, I'll have no problem doing the 5K ... right?)

This was a clear case of BT insanitis. The night before, as I was watching World Cup and chatting with BTers ... I dunno ... I was thinking, "Why get up at that asscrackhour and go all that way and pay all that money just to get wet?"

So I got up at that asscrackodawnhour and ate a bowl of chocolate muesli with milk (why not?), and wended my way down the hill, along the beach, to the race site.

It was raining and ridiculously early, but a bunch of guys were playing beach soccer anyway--I took this as a good sign. (When you've done no training, all you've got is luck).

I'm glad I stole those clothes. It is BRRRR chilly cold! (For here, anyway).

I quickly make new friends. I was surprised at where-all everybody showed up from ... this is Jeannie from Jakarta and Katsuhiro from Tokyo.

I realize quickly this is no rinky-dink show (it's an inaugural event, so you never know how those are going to go). Well, turns out we've got an Australian national team open-water swimmer there, a Channel record-breaker, and a couple of Olympians.

Like Rodney, the organizer, who is also a neighbor piglet of mine! (I eat at his restaurant every Monday night). He threw discus in the Olympics.

Mooooore piglets, please: this is a bunch of the lifeguards from Kuta Beach waiting to get bodymarked.

Oh, and as for bodymarking, I'm number 32!!! THAT'S MY LUCKY NUMBER!!! (See? Who needs training, or lack of illness, or ... shoot, a plan?)

And THIS is Lloyd piglet. Remember my penchant for putting my foot in my mouth before races? Yes? So I meet Lloyd, and I ask him where's he's from and what he does ...

He's a triathlon coach from Singapore. "Oh, for TriBob?" I ask (that's Singapore's oldest tri club).

He laughed and said, "No ... the national team. I'm also the director of TriHogz."

Ooooooh. Piglet = TriHogz. Actually, TriHogz is Asia's hottest startup of pro and elite triathletes ...

Now, it just so turns out that my new Best Piglet Lloyd is also a security and counterterrorism expert.

[Did I mention that two years ago at my first Bali Tri, Jack Daniels, my sponsor, told me my ultimate destiny, which I recognized as such at the time? And that I'm now doing it? And that now, Lloyd tells me, and I know in exactly the same way, he's the one who's going to show up to help me make it all happen?]
Event warmup:

Eating Toblerone which I found stuffed in a pocket of my transition bag. Score!
  • 1h 42m
  • 5468 yards
  • 01m 52s / 100 yards

Run starts and finishes (for swimming, in any kind of race) annoy me. How would runners feel if they had to swim a length before starting the race and to finish it? Sheesh. The gun goes off and Jeannie and I waddle in the wake of all the people blasting into the water.

The water is COLD, and I'm COLD, and it's raining COLD, and I'm realizing that I'm completely insane.

Oh well.

Trip to the first buoy/boat (700m) is uneventful. To my delight, a volunteer throws me a water bottle and I suck it down greedily ... then yawn and paddle along to the second buoy (900m).

So far, I don't feel too crappy. And Jeannie is providing a wonderful pink beacon for me. We stop and sip and chat at each buoyboat. May I add that each buoyboat has at least two VERY FINE PIGLETS on it who seem concerned about how our race is going. Sweeeet!!!

Turnaround back to the first buoy, which will mark 2500m and the halfway point. As I'm making this trip, I realize: I'm BORED, and I'm HUNGRY. When I arrive and a piglet asks me again how it's going, I tell him so. He laughs and says, "Well, what if a shark appeared?" I am thinking that right about now, I'm kind of missing my sharks and banded sea snakes and usual open-swim wildlife.

So back to the second buoy again ... bored ... hungry ... bored ... hungry ... I start singing the Moose Song (do you not know the power of the moose?! JEN!!!!) to entertain myself.

1. There was a moose
Who liked to drink a lot of juice
There was a moose
Who liked to drink a lot of juice

Chorus. Singin' way-oh-oh-oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh
Way-oh Way-oh
Way oh way oh way oh way oh.

2. The moose's name was Fred
He liked to drink his juice in bed
The moose's name was Fred
He liked to drink his juice in bed.

Repeat 1. and Chorus

3. He was a sticky Moose
He liked to drink a lot of juice
He was a sticky Moose
He liked to drink a lot of juice

Repeat 1. and Chorus

By the time I get back to the second buoy, there is some SERIOUS CURRENT happening. I have to tread water pretty hard just to drink my water at the boat. On the way back to the first buoy again, I'm sighting way left of the boat in order to keep going in a straight line. This race is getting mighty hard. My arms are tired. I'm tired. And I'm still REALLY BORED AND REALLY HUNGRY!!! (Note to self: pop a gel packet in melons next time. Buoyancy, and storage. Hello?!).

By the time I get to the last turn, I don't stop. I just want this swim to be OVER. And there are only 700m left and I haven't died yet, so I figure I may as well book it.

I sight for shore and realize I have no idea where to aim for. I can't see that far. But then I see the loveliest sight in the world ... PIGLET PACE BOOTY! There is a lifeguard, kneel-paddling on a surfboard, driving the way home. Aim for the azz, I say!!!

So I REALLY start pumping. Good thing, too, because guess what ... NOW the tide is moving out, fast. I pump and pump and pump and ... what the hell? How come I'm not any closer to shore?!?!

A lifeguard on a board comes up on my right and quietly says, "Harder."

Oh, Lord.

But I've gotten this far, I'm not any less bored or hungry, I'm certainly a lot more tired and in pain by now, so what's a little more? The faster to get to shore, and FOOD! I am dreaming of food ... and piglets ... this is my entire focus now ...

So I put my head down and really start driving. Every time I breathe to the right (which is most of the time, because of the strained right trap, it hurts to breathe to the left), that gorgeous lifeguard piglet flashes me a huge smile, an "AYO!" (let's go!), nods and thumbs up. I love that guy!!!

I quit looking up to sight. It's too disheartening. I figure my right-hand piglet will let me know if I drift out to Australia or something.

After an eternity, I feel a push from behind--oh look, a wave! I look back for the next one, but it'll be a bit. So I groan and keep swimming ... and then ... hey now, that's my hand on the bottom!!! Yay! I stand up and ... oh crap, look how far I've got to RUN now. I plop-waddle a few disheartened steps, and then ... wtf? I'm a triathlete! We RUN out of the water, that's what we do! So I pick my feet up and start booking it. The athletes and volunteers on shore start going wild. YES!!! I plough on, straight through the finish line, and ... keep on going!

What, I'm THIS CLOSE to food and you think I'm gonna stop now? No way. There's still some Toblerone waiting for me in my transition bag.

What would you do differently?:

I highly recommend things like training, preparation, gear, and if not being healthy, then at least not being on the tail end of sick or the current end of injured in a key part you need to use for the race.
Post race
Warm down:

Stuffing the rest of the Toblerone in my face.

The swim was staged out of a beautiful beachfront resort; we had a large, lovely pavilion with lots of comfy chairs and tables all to ourselves. Also, there was THE BESTEST COOLEST POOL in which I immediately prostrated my now very-warm self. Oh, and it had stopped raining and the sun had come out, so yeah, now I was hot. And this sweet shower! Luxe bathrooms. It was just Class A all-around.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Good grief. :) Other than ... everything? Gross stupidity?

Event comments:

The race organizers walked around and served us lunchboxes--athletes got two! Indonesian food, and Western food! Lloyd and I picked out of each other's boxes, which were all slightly different ... I gave him banana, he gave me cookie.

Rodney came 'round and told me I'd won third in the women's! I was soooo excited, I had the energy to steal the last of Lloyd's cookies when he wasn't looking.

The medals ceremony was so lovely. Bob Windle, a race organizer and OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST in the 1500 free, gave us our certificates and medals. I was so happy! I think this picture is so cute because you can't see either of our faces--maybe we're kissing back there or something ;).

Here's the men's and women's winning lineup. I'm so proud!!! Do you know how long it's been since I got a swimming medal? Like almost 20 years! (It's also been 21 years since I swam 5000m continuously).

Check out Amy on the far left--this girl swims DISTANCE OPEN WATER at a pace of 1:12/100 METERS. I don't care who you are ... that's FAST!!! (She was actually third overall). I wanna be her when I grow up, although that would necessitate actually swimming again, which I never intend to do.

And isn't this the prettiest medal ever?

Anyhow ... this is a phenomenal race. Super well executed (a practical impossibility in Bali) and the perfect blend of high-end and laid-back. I'll be a bit sad to see this race explode in popularity, which it no doubt will, and sigh, of course I'll help ... I just won't ever participate in it, no sir, ever again. (Unless I get a better idea hours before race start).

Finally, and most importantly, this race is a benefit for the Bali Sports Foundation's "Bali Swim4Kids Program," which teaches Indonesian children how to swim--something we take utterly for granted in the West, but most Indonesian children do not know how to swim, and drownings are very common. The program also includes many disabled children, whose mobility benefits greatly from the swim exercise. A bunch of them showed up to watch us swim! I think I would be prouder to watch them swim.

Last updated: 2010-07-04 12:00 AM
01:42:00 | 5468 yards | 01m 52s / 100yards
Age Group: 0/
Overall: 0/
Performance: Good
Suit: Hillary Biscay's Orca tri bathing suit
Course: L-shaped. Out to the corner, a few laps back and forth, back around the corner to the finish. The "buoys" were traditional Balinese fishing boats, which was really cool, except you're adding significant meterage by having to swim around them.
Start type: Run Plus: Shot
Water temp: 0F / 0C Current: Medium
200M Perf. Good Remainder: Good
Breathing: Good Drafting: Below average
Waves: Average Navigation: Average
Rounding: Average
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Bad
Mental exertion [1-5] 4
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Too hard
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

2010-07-06 3:29 PM

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Melon Presser
Subject: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

2010-07-06 3:39 PM
in reply to: #2964140

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Southern Chicago Suburbs, IL
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

Nice race.  Well done darlin'.  As always a VERY entertaining RR. 

2010-07-06 3:59 PM
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Frisco, TX
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

Yanti is my hero!  Third is awesome!  Congrats and for goodness sake, try to finish getting well!

2010-07-06 4:29 PM
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Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Teach me, master.
2010-07-06 4:30 PM
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Tucson, AZ
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Awesome job! Toblerone must be magical.
2010-07-06 5:35 PM
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Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Total gratz and well done XD
Like the medal! 

2010-07-06 5:48 PM
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West Chester, Ohio
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
You never cease to amaze me with your races.
Fabulous swim and wonderful cause.
You're right, we take for granted swim lessons here.....and these countries surrounded by water in third world countries do not have this opportunity.
2010-07-06 6:32 PM
in reply to: #2964140

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Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

Hardware is great with no or little swim training.

Great race report..enjoyed it!
2010-07-06 6:40 PM
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Santa Fe, New Mexico
Silver member
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
You are an amazing woman.  Period.

And a fabulous teller of tales.
2010-07-06 8:35 PM
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No excuses!
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Great job Yanit, you never cease to amaze!
2010-07-06 10:41 PM
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Binghamton, NY
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Great report Yanti!! You're AWESOME! You and Hillary BOTH make that suit look great!! Congrats on a great race and thanks for a great report!!

2010-07-07 6:57 AM
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On your right
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Awesome as usualy, Yanti.
2010-07-07 12:57 PM
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the alamo city, Texas
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
i love your life.
2010-07-07 1:08 PM
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Williamston, Michigan
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

An adventure as always

2010-07-07 5:10 PM
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Sequim, Washington
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Socks - 2010-07-07 11:08 AM

An adventure as always

Great race Yanti, though painful.   You did an awesome job.  Hoorah for piglet pace booty!!!

My 5 k isn't going to be nearly as grand or as challenging as yours.  No tide and no beach resort.  And I doubt that there are going to be any Olympians.

As always, I absolutely love your RR.

Keep up the adventures!

oh, and yes, Gel in the melons is a good idea...I might just do that myself.
2010-07-07 9:39 PM
in reply to: #2964140

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West Allis, WI
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Great job Yanti! Can you send some of the piglets to racine on the 18th?Laughing

2010-07-09 6:13 AM
in reply to: #2964140

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Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

Great report.  These are always so much fun to read.  I laughed out loud about your comment of making runners swim a lap first before running.

2010-07-09 9:58 PM
in reply to: #2964140

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Vista, CA
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

Swim a 5K, huh? Nicely done. Supercool medal. Great suit. Love the pics and nice to know what a piglet looks like. Not pink at all. Loved your write up. <3


2010-07-13 11:56 PM
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Portland, Oregon
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
A most wonderful race report and delightful pics of piglets.

*Note to self: Take toblerone to next tri. It appears to make people swim faster.
2010-09-12 2:41 PM
in reply to: #2964140

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Extreme Veteran
Wesley Chapel, Florida
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
How amazingly unbelievably wonderful are you?  Imagine how you would do if you trained?!?!?  
2010-11-17 11:29 AM
in reply to: #2964140

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Denver Area
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

Too too funy Yanti! Great work! 

p.s. it's not stupidity, it's hardy determination!

2011-01-01 11:42 AM
in reply to: #2964140

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Dubln, Ohio
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K

That sounded like fun.

2011-01-01 8:47 PM
in reply to: #2964140

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Overland Park, KS
Subject: RE: Bali Ocean Swim 5K
Way Cool Yanti!  Now that's a race report!
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