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Ironman Arizona - TriathlonFull Ironman

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Tempe, Arizona
United States
Ironman North America
88F / 31C
Total Time = 12h 08m 13s
Overall Rank = 482/1943
Age Group = W25-29
Age Group Rank = 17/57
Pre-race routine:

Okay it's done in all it's typo glory. I'm sure I forgot lots because I just keep thinking about things so I may periodically update it. You know the drill...I talk lot's, but these Race Reports are for me because I want to remember, not for y'all. So, just look to the right for the stats and go on if you want. A brief clif note's version:

Swim: Was good for me, water temp felt good, minimal bumping, went by fast

T1: Was slow, but I was only shooting for around 10 min. per transition so it was fine. Felt rushed.

Bike: Yeehaw!! Fast Course, lot's of fun. Tried to not go balls to the wall even though I wanted to so bad.

T2: Took my time, went to the bathroom, nothing exciting

Run: Hurt like hell, every 1,660,032 inch. Guess I survived though.

Overall: I discovered I'm an emotional little girl. What happened to my tough exoskelton I've been growing for 26 years??

Alright, I gotta talk about my trip from start to finish, so skip to Event warm-up to start with race day stuff.

Wednesday April 5
I had to get up super early after already being up late trying to get things done. I had to finish packing (Now, about packing...being the anal engineer type A person that I am I made checklists for each transition bag and special needs bag. I then bought those big storage ziplock bags so that I could go ahead and pack the stuff in individual bags so that when I got my actual gear bags I could just transfer the stuff into the new bags and again double check as I went along. I'm glad I did this, it worked quite well) and get in a 45 min. bike and 10 min. run and then I had to swing by the chiropractor to get the final kinks worked out then it was on to work, blah. Work was pointless of course because I just wanted to be in Arizona so bad. My friend Allison called me at 7:30 am that morning to let me know they were headed to the airport. I was so jealous. It sucks not having any vacation time, but oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Several people have asked why I didn't fly. Well, I did the math and really, driving was slightly cheaper and the logistics of getting my bike there from podunk Longview just seemed to create more hassle. Plus, it gave me peace of mind knowing that I did not have to adjust my bike in any way before hand and that it would never leave my sight. At BSL I made the mistake of lowering my seat maybe a half inch and had bad knee pain on the bike. My body obviously likes my bike fit now and isn't happy when I try to screw with it. So anyways, the hours finally ticked by and I was able to leave work at 3 pm. I ran home to finish loading up my car and did the "What am I forgetting dance" before putting the mop in the car and heading for Abilene. It was hard to get too excited yet though because I was just going to Abilene today, blah drive that I've seen a million times. But at least there is like vegetation between here and there, boy did I not know what I had coming in my next day's travels. Oh, I had stopped in Weatherford to get gas and eat some Subway. There was a nice little grassy field next to the gas station so I thought I would sit on the sidewalk and let Sebastian run around. Well, the big chicken is too scared to leave me and then this lady with a chiuaua walks in the little grassy area and is barking at Sebastian and then Sebastian starts whining. So I walk into the grass trying to get him to walk in it and he starts tippy-toeing like he's never seen grass before. Man I've got a sissy dog (Ha, evidentally he just takes after his mommy). So gave up on that and told him to get back in the car. I made it to Abilene around 9 and dropped off my screwy computer at my dad's and got to see my little niece again. She's two months old now and so chubby, she's adorable! Made it over to my mom's around 10 pm and immediately headed for bed.

Thursday April 6th
I had my mom wake me up when she got up to get ready for work. She gets up at 5:15 in the morning, but doesn't have to be at work until 8 am! I finally asked her why and she says she doesn't like to be rushed. She's so not my mom! That's like 2 hours of precious sleep just gone for no good reason. Anyways, ate some oatmeal and got ready to roll out. Said goodbye to the mop who looked extremely sad and was on the road a little before 6:30 am. So now I'm off and finally headed to Arizona! The plan was to drive as far as possible, stay overnight somewhere and get to Tempe Friday morning. If the drive went well, I would make it to Tempe Thursday night. When thinking about the drive out to Arizona I imagined blue skies and no rain. Well, I got the no rain part. It was windy when I left Abilene, well, it's West Texas, of course it's windy. I expected that, but by the time I got to Odessa the wind was just crazy. I had the radio on a local station there and they said there were wind gusts up to 50 mph. I believed it! So I had a death grip on the wheel for 100's of miles to come and drove through a brown haze. Man is there a whole lot of nothing out there. Cruise control is the best invention ever. There were literally times I went without seeing a single car. After Pecos, I kinda had to go to the bathroom so I thought, no big deal, I'll just go at the next town. So I keep going and keep going. Finally on I-10 and keep going. No bathrooms and it's starting to get more severe. It got so bad that I was looking for an exit so that I could go under the overpass (because there are NO trees out there). Well, there are no exits because there are no other roads out there because it truly is BFE. I saw a sign for a rest area and thought, well those usually have bathrooms, I can go there. Then, a mile later it mentions the rest area again with the words underneath: No restroom. Ugh! They're killing me here! I finally spot a lone little gas station at the top of a hill and I dash to the exit. You had to drive over a cattle guard to get to it, which I found odd, but didn't care. Man, what relief! I could function again! So back to driving through sad little pathetic towns and fighting the wind. I made it to El Paso in about 6 hours and it was time for lunch. I decided I wanted a sit down meal so that I could eat real food and get a break from the car. I ate at the cracker barrel. It's always weird eating by yourself. I had a good lunch and then borrowed their restroom on the way out. I walk in there and look in the mirror and the hair in my ponytail is sticking straight up from the wind apparently. Lovely! Not only was I the dork eating by herself, but my hair was reaching for the sky. So, made a mad dash out of there and it was on to New Mexico. Gee, to my surprise, it's still ugly. I cracked up at all the signs that said "Blowing Dust Area, Use Extreme Caution." Really? Dust out here? Who would have thought? Do we really need to state the obvious? Actually though, the further west I went, the less wind there was. I was slowly able to pry my fingers off the steering wheel. Perhaps this tension is what caused my troubles in the next couple of days. Periodically throughout my day Allison would call to check up on me and tell me what they were up to and then I would call my secretary to let her know where I was at (she's like my mom). The great thing about driving to Arizona is that I gained 2 hours on the drive. Once in Arizona I realized that I was going to make it there about 6:30 AZ time. Awesome! I'll be there in time for dinner (priorities here, when and where is the food coming). Other than the wind, the drive was easy, no traffic issues because well, there isn't much traffic in BFE. Only place it got a little slow was in Tucson, but I was there just before 5 pm so it was understandable. I found our house easily and Kirk and Allison came running out the door, taking pictures along the way and gave me a great big hug. I will have about a million pictures from this trip because Kirk and Allison took pictures of EVERYTHING. Then I had my camera, Lindsay had a camera, and Erin had a camera. It's gonna take some time gathering them all together. Anyways, unloaded my gear, checked out our cool house. We had a pool and a jacuzzi too, sweet! Oh, perhaps now would be the time to explain who these people are. Allison is the older sister of a guy I used to date back in high school. We broke up, but I stayed extremely close to his family and Ben and I don't hate each other, just weren't meant to be together. Kirk is Allison's husband and then Regi is a friend of theirs. A couple of interesting facts: IMAZ would be Allison's 6th IM. She has severe diabetes and has to wear a glucose pump and check her blood sugar throughout the race. She manages it so well though, she's a hoss. Allison is also extremely outspoken and speaks when she often shouldn't, it was quite comical to us, but if you didn't know her, it might rub you the wrong way. Regi had only done sprints in the past, not even an olympic before. So it was nice to be there with another IM virgin, yet know that I at least had some more endurance training under my belt. I called Regi the token black dude because there were only like 5 in the race, lol. Regi was hilarious. Allison called him Princess and kept saying that we were on Princess Standard Time because we could say we were leaving at 8 or whatever, but we always ended up leaving a few minutes after that due to waiting on him. Anyways, so I had some time to just sit for a little bit while Kirk grilled fish. They handed me a glass of wine and it was just what I needed to settle my nerves a bit. So dinner was awesome with grilled fish, rice pilaf and this awesome bread. I then got roped into going to Coldstone Creamery. I wasn't going to get anything but they twisted my arm (okay, so deep down I knew I couldn't pass it up, but I tried to play cool). We came home, talked some more and then I headed to bed around 10:30 or so.

Friday April 7th
Finally going to get my first glimpse of the race site. I slept like crap Thursday night. Not sure why, I was tired, the bed was comfortable but I kept waking up in the night and found it hard to go back to sleep. So I was up early, along with everyone else in the house. Allison suggested that I go ahead and do my ride and then they would do the run part with me. So, here I was riding my bike at 6:30 am and it's freakin' bright outside, so weird. My ride felt good though. The neighborhood we were in had bike lanes...actually that entire city is covered in bike lanes, I'm so jealous. I came in from my short 20 min. ride and tossed on the running shoes and we headed out. We pretty much just goofed around and ran through a nearby park. Then we came back and got ready to head to the practice swim at 8 am. Walking into the race venue my stomach immediately sank. I hate looking at hoss people. I had these uncontrollable sighs that would escape me every now and then and they would just laugh. So glad they could take joy in my race anxiety. We made our way over to the steps and began putting on our wetsuits and checked in our gear. Kirk waited while the rest of us set out for a quick 15 min. swim. Kirk wasn't doing the race, but he was a medical volunteer. He's done 2 previous IM's and then has volunteered at the rest while Allison raced. He even brought 3 IV's just for us in case we needed them. So, back to the water. Everyone coming out of there was screaming about how cold it was. I was nervous about getting in. I slowly walked down the steps and shoved off. It took my breath away at first, but then it just felt wonderful. It felt great to be in open water, even if the lake was merky. So, did my 15 min. and then came back out. Allison said her hands and feet were going numb and we talked to several others who were fearful of the cold water. The swim instantly gave me a small boost because I thought it felt great and it felt relaxing in my wetsuit. We changed clothes and then headed to the expo to walk around until registration. They had a lot of cool IMAZ stuff and everyone else was buying stuff like crazy. I was fearful because I hated buying IMAZ stuff not knowing whether or not I would finish. The entire time leading up to the race I kep saying, "If I finish.." And everyone kept saying, "WHEN you finsih, Gina." But I just couldn't allow myself to say that becaues you don't know for 100% sure that you will finsih. They persuaded me into buying something anyways so I got a t-shirt and a jersey and felt guilty until race day. We walked around some more and then I stood in line at registration. Oh, and guess who I was behind in line at registration?? Pam Reed!! But, I was too scared to talk to her. Here is this mega-hoss woman and little ol' me. I'm not worthy. She seemed really cool though, just by listening to her talk to her friends. Allison was so crazy and took a picture at just about every step. Here's Gina getting her waivers, here's Gina getting weighed (oh, and let's not talk about the weighing thing, ick! My excuse: I had on shoes, clothes and we had just gone swimming so my hair was still wet, yeah that's it, that's why I saw that awful number), here's Gina with her swim cap, here's Gina buying pictures, blah blah. Man, everything is so expensive at IM's. I bought just the basic finisher's photo. I just don't feel like I need all this crap saying I finished. I'll know I finished, that's all I need. So, after registration, I decided to head to the ART tent because for some reason my left shoulder got a shooting pain before our practice swim. The ART guy was awesome (and hot). He asked if it was my first IM and I of course said yes. He just laughed. Anytime I said it was my first one, people just laughed, doesn't make you feel good. Anyways, he had done Wisconsin and told me some about that. The ART seemed to work, my shoulder almost immediately started to feel better. As soon as I finished that, Erin and Lindsay were pulling into the parking lot and it was lunch time. Perfect timing! So we walked over and met them and next to the parking lot was a mexican restaurant. Talk about my lucky day! The mexican food was just okay though, I've had better. After pigging out there, we decided to just head to the house and relax until the athletes dinner (yep, more food, see a theme to this trip?). It was nice just sitting out on the patio and catching up with Lindsay and Erin. Allison laid out in the pool. Once the sun crept to us we retreated inside. Oh, and the bestest BTer ever called me that afternoon too to wish me goodluck...thanks Kristen (vertical_listing). That made me feel good. Finally Erin and Lindsay left to go check into their hotel and I hopped into the shower before heading to the athlete dinner. The athlete dinner was pretty cool. I just liked listening to the stats. Texas had the 3rd most people in the race, go Texas! We got all excited and the announcer said we had been hanging out at the bar too much. 40% of the racers were IM virgins (that's me) and almost 21% were female (me again...that seems like a small # of females). Then they had people stand up for doing so many IM's. A couple of guys had done over 40 IM's. That's incredible. Then there was one girl who was doing an IM as her first triathlon EVER! Very brave. Kirk and Allison said they met someone at IMLP who was doing it as their first triathlon because he lost a bet. Man, that's a bad way to lose a bet. The athlete meeting was pointless because it covered everything in the athlete's packet and what was on the internet and what you got at registration, but apparently people will still screw up the easy stuff and must be told again. After the meeting, we headed home and started getting our gear bags ready and then off to bed. Allison was so awesome because the days leading up to the race I would have these random questions and she never got annoyed answering them. She was so helpful and gave me some tips of her own which were always great. I think she loved the 'deer in the headlights" feeling I had.

Saturday April 8th
Slept a little better this night, but still not great. Allison and I weren't going to swim again, but Regi wanted to do a full run through so he loaded up all of his gear and headed for the race site. As soon as I came into the kitchen that morning, Kirk goes, "Hey Gina, less than 24 hours." Shut up! He was a constant countdown timer the rest of the day and it was freaking me out. Allison and I sat around watching a million episodes of Darma and Greg before finally getting out to do our 20 min. workout. Then it was shower time, AGAIN (shower, eat, repeat...oh and sometimes do some working out). Kirk was up at the race site too for the medical volunteers meeting so when he got back we went and ate lunch at Chipolte's. It was good, but I don't get the hype. Then it was time to load up the bikes and gear bags and head back to the race site. We got all of our stuff turned in and then I decided to head BACK to ART because now my left shoulder was hurting. What's going on? This one hurt pretty bad and the guy worked on it a lot but it wasn't getting that much better. He told me to come back a little later. So I did and he decided to tape it. Great, my left shoulder is all messed up the day before the race, just what I needed! I tried my best to stay calm though. Kirk was helping set up the medical tent and Regi was waiting for his family to arrive so we just found some nice shade to sit under. Man was it hot that day, we were all thinking about the next day and how we were going to stay cool. Finally we had everyone together and we decided to drive the bike course real quick. We didn't realize that the bike course would be completely to one side of the road and the traffic on the otherside so as we were driving out and seeing all the debris on the road, we weren't too excited. But our side come race day was pretty clean I thought. After that it was back to the house to cook dinner and begin winding it down for the big day tomorrow. We ate grilled chicken and coos coos (however it's spelled, it was my first time to ever eat it and it was great), and grilled veggies and yummy bread again. Oh and I had a glass of wine too to help calm the nerves. After that, it was Coldstone Creamery, again. So good. Back home and it was shower and bed time. Allison gave me a half of a tylenol pm and I was off to bed.
Event warmup:

Race Day!!!!!! We all got up at 4 am to begin eating (gotta get protein in 3 hours before race start). I had a power bar and a banana and a little bit of oatmeal, but Regi and Allison went crazy with eggs and waffles. I just can't eat that much. Then it was time to fill water bottles etc. I was a dork and filled up my perpetuem bottle for the bike with 8 scoops of perp. This along with gel should be enough calories to get me through the bike without needing to stop at special needs (I need to consume 235 (okay approx. that much. I wasn't out there with a measuring cup!) calories per hour on the bike, which is very easy for me to carry all at once. It pays to be a shrimpy girl. Too many people OD on calories not knowing that when your body is working that hard, it just can't digest as much). So then I was making a bottle of perp. for special needs just in case I might need more, lose my current one, etc. Since I would be getting it a little past halfway I just put 4 scoops in. Well I sat it on the table next to the other one and then I was like, which one is the real one?! I start freaking out, even though I knew I set the SN one on the outside. So Allison and I kept lifting them to see which one was heavier. It's amazing how it's so hard to tell the difference. But I knew I had it right, I just needed the peace of mind to make sure. Anyways, we finally were fed, packed up and loaded around 5:15 and headed for the race site.

Freak out mode: ON! Holy cow! Walking into the race venue was terrifying with everyone fluttering about. We headed for our bikes to put our bottles, etc. on and to air up the tires. I freak out and say, "I forgot my pump!" Even though I heard them say at the athlete's dinner that they would have some there. Non-crisis adverted. After airing up my tires, I saw Haley and Elizabeth while waiting in line for the bathroom. Then we put a couple more things in our gear bags and got numbered. Man, I clinged to poor Allison for dear life. I was worse than a little kid on the first day of kindergarten. Oh gosh, freak out moment number 2 came when I tried to find my bike gear bag. I found the sign with my number in it, so I'm going through the bags and I'm not seeing the pink ribboned bag (I tied pink ribbon to the tops of my bags to help find them easier). I'm like, somebody stole my bag! They moved it to the wrong spot! Allison comes over to me and was like, okay, calm down and let's look at this. Turns out I was on the wrong side of the sign. Oops...he he, okay, I'm just going to stop thinking now. I seriously was just trying to breathe, it was finally here and I so didn't want it to be. We went and dropped off special needs and then it was time to put on our wetsuits. While getting that done, Lindsay and Erin showed up so I ran to give them my camera and cell phone. Back to Kirk and Allison I finished putting on my wetsuit and lathering in bodyglide. It was then time to walk through transition and across the timing mats. I was having a panic attack that I didn't have enough bodyglide on and Allison is worried that her glucose pump isn't inserted right. Kirk tells us to stop worrying and just go. So, as we are in line to walk across the timing mats I see a volunteer with a big ol' stick of bodyglide. "Do me, do me!!!" Man, did he, he got it all over me. Whew, I feel better now, no way was I going to chafe out there. Then, as soon as we walked across the timing mats the cannon for the pros goes off. Holy crap! I didn't realize it was that close already!!

That's when it happened...the imfamous picture that everyone has seen, the one that graced the front page of the sports section the following day...I started crying. It was uncontrollable and I couldn't stop. I wasn't really fearful of the swim, I think I honestly felt that deep down I could at least finish barring any mechanical issues or stomach shutdowns. This has just been an emotional ride from the day I signed from the day I was born. So I was smart in school and got good grades, it came easy to me. I hated the fact though that I was chubby, have been all my life. I've had friends tell me that, mom tell me that, sister tell me that, coach tell me that. I wasn't athletically inclined in any way. My high school running coach even told me one year, "Gina, you're not a runner." I broke down immediately upon hearing that. She went on to tell me though that I had more heart than anyone and never gave up, but I wanted more, I wanted people to view me as athletic and gifted in that way. I wasn't, I'm not. The race meant so much to me, but didn't seem to phase my parents. I hated that, do hate that. I feel like I try to impress them. My grades and graduation obviously wasn't enough. What else can I do, but I feared I would let them down again, when they didn't care about the race in the first place. What about everyone I told at work, in the Longview bike club, in the Tyler bike club, at the swimming pool, at church, clients, what would these people think if I didn't finish or if I finished poorly? Would they think bad of me? Was I being foolish wasting my money on this? Would all of my slacking in training and eating too much and being over race weight come pay me back in a bad way this day? I hated the uncertaintly of the race and I think that's why I started crying. I say I do these things for me, but if I didn't finish, I don't know that I would have ever come back from Arizona and shown my face again. Allison did her best to calm me down telling me about all of my previous accomplishments. A guy standing next to me was so kind and said that I would be fine. He had done a few before and even suggested I get in the water next to him and he would watch over me. Man, this race sure isn't short of the nicest people in the world.

Okay, calming down, drying tears and standing at the railing next to the water. Allison was waiting as long as possible before getting into the water because the cold water would drop her blood sugar too fast if she didn't start moving so I stayed back with her because I wanted to start towards the back of the pack anyways. There was a guy with a megaphone there though that was so funny. He just kept saying things like, "Go to the water, it won't come to you. Go to the water, it wants you it likes you. The water is your friend." Finally, we jumped in and I just thought about Dave Scott's advice of, "breathe." The water felt warmer than the practice swim, it was really perfect temp now. We slowly waded up towards the line. It's a deep water start, but it's not hard to float in a wetsuit until the gun goes off. I mentioned jumping in because there were no stairs, ladders, etc. near the start line, but they did have stairs at the exit. Erin and Lindsay were somehow able to spot me and I gave them a smile. Allison said to make sure to look around and give myself space so that when the cannon went off and I went flat, I would have room to do so. I had my nice little personal space going on. I was in the water, I can do this...I think.
  • 1h 21m 3s
  • 4224 yards
  • 01m 55s / 100 yards

The cannon went off and it was time to go to work. I was fine now. I got several strokes in before finding myself in the frenzy. It really wasn't too bad though. I only got bumped a little in the beginning and it was nothing hard. It's funny because people would yell, "Sorry" like I thought they did it on purpose. I was so excited because I was in the scary picture of the crazy mass IM start and it wasn't bad at all. People generally don't like running into others, just harder to swim that way, so when people bump, they work to get out of that situation. So now we're swimming swimming swimming. I'm in a groove, feel good (my shoulder problems were gone, woohoo!), only getting bumped every now and then. A couple times though I got wacked on the back of my head pretty darn good and was just slam dunked into the water, bam! Alright buddy, you're right I wasn't oxygen deprived, I just needed a drink, thank you for showing me the error in my ways. I tried to not think about the nasty contents that I was inhaling with the occasional gulp of water. We weren't exactly swimming in pristine watrs. Everyone complained about the merky waters and it was, I'll give you that, but it didn't bother me. I'm a West Texas girl who grew up fishing with her dad and jumping into the 'lake' for a swim whenever I got hot. I didn't know you were supposed to be able to see through the water until I moved to East Texas. Anyways, part of the way out I found myself all alone. I began thinking, am I going the right way? I mean, it's pretty hard to screw up a straight out swim and keep it between the banks. I'd look to my left and see people a ways off and then look to my right and same thing. Hmm, wonder why no one wants to swim by me? Is it the bodyglide? That stuff smells like B.O. and I was caked in the stuff. Man, I gotta start doing this at all my races! :) We make it to the Rural street bridge so fast, then I began to worry that maybe I missed seeing another bridge on the map and that we still had another bridge to go under because it felt like we made it there in 5 minutes. It's eerie under those bridges too where the shadows are. The water is so merky that you can't see your own hand in front of you and then to swim in the shadows, it's really dark. Anyways, back to swimming swimming swimming...whack! I totally T-boned a guy. Now why is this guy all messed up and swimming that way. I look up and see the turn buoy. Doh! Sweet though! We got there so fast. So, make my turn and we have to swim about 100 meters before making the turn back west. Same thing at the end of this stretch, whack again into someone. Okay, I'm turning. So, kinda swimming by braille, but whatever. On the way back I found myself directly on the buoy line (sometimes I had to make sure I stayed to the outside of them). I didn't really want to be that close to them because everyone wants that line, but there was like this gravitational pull to them and I couldn't escape it. I didn't have too many problems being there, but I did get bumped a little more. The Mill Avenue Bridge comes into site and we swim under it and it's only a short ways before making the turn to head for the stairs. Woohoo! I'm almost out of the water, I made it I made it, I --Wham! I get hit on my left calf and it immediately cramps up. Ouch! No! Not now! I'm so close! I can see the steps. I manage to flex my foot enough to work it out and kind of drag that leg along for a few strokes. Whew, that was close. I make it to the final turn and try to book it to the stairs. I finally reach the stairs and had no problems getting up and out and no lightheadedness, yea! That swim just flew by! I told myself I would sing the 'Strokin' song to myself if I got bored or nervous to make me laugh (I'd imagine some really bad person singing it at a karaoke bar), but the swim just went by so fast and I was always thinking about not hitting anyone that I didn't need the song, next time maybe :)
What would you do differently?:

My goal time was 1:30-1:40 with an optimistic time of 1:20-1:30 so I was well within my optimistic goal so I was happy. I think I just needed to concentrate on my stroke more, I would get too caught up on thinking about those around me that I didn't always have a good pull through going. Plus, I'm a sucky swimmer, but I'm slowly improving. I kinda look like I have a swim stroke now. I was glad that I had no issues with my wetsuit chafing or cord coming out or getting my goggles knocked off. All things considered, I had a smooth swim.
Transition 1
  • 07m 6s

Man, wetsuit strippers are awesome! Coming up over the stairs I am just cheesing because I survived my worst of the three events and I was going to my favorite. I ran to one of the female volunteers with her hand up and she quickly yanked down the zipper, pulled down my suit past my booty and then I sat down and one quick swoosh and it was off and I was running for the gear bags. I was handed my gear bag and I headed into the changing ten. Holy cow was it crowded in there! I found a chair without much problem though and sat down. I just opened my bag and turned it upside down and dumped everything on to the ground. As I'm drying my feet and trying to get the grass off (transition was on grass) a volunteer comes over to me to help me out. Just about everyone had their own volunteer, which was great, but it flustered me. I had made a little checklist of things to do in transition so that I would remember to grab everything and do everything in the correct order (like put jersey on BEFORE helmet). I swam in my tri-shorts and sports bra and planned to just put on my cycling jersey in transition. Well, I never saw the checklist because the lady just kept holding up things for me, like, "Do you want this, are you using this?" I would sit there and be like, no, yeah, okay sounds good. Half of that crap was just extra, just in case (in an IM, you gotta be prepared for ANYTHING). I put on my HRM, but I also had another watch for a repeat countdown timer to remember to eat. Well, she opens it up to put on my wrist, but I just wanted to put it in my pocket. Oh, and I had my own sunblock because I'm partial to the spray bullfrog because it works awesome. I mistakenly let her do it for me. Anyways, I finally felt like I had it altogether and headed out as the volunteer gladly stuffed all of my stuff into my bag for me. I ran out of the tent and to the bikes. They had people to grab your bikes for you, but they weren't able to get to mine in time so I grabbed my own, ran to the mount line and it was time to rock and roll!
What would you do differently?:

I really should have practiced transition more, okay, I should have practiced it at least once, I didn't do it at all. I'm not too upset though because nothing major was forgotten and while it was over 7 minutes, I wanted my transition times to be no longer than 10 min. each so I stayed within my goal.

Bad things about transition: Forgot chamois butter! I knew it wouldn't bother me during the ride, but would haunt me after the race. Oh well, will deal with the consequences later. Second, forgot chapstick. It was dry dry, hot and dry out there. Again, wouldn't be an issue until after the race. Third, sunblcok! I could tell she wasn't getting it all over and it would have only taken a few extra seconds to grab the bottle and go over my body again.
  • 5h 41m 43s
  • 112 miles
  • 19.67 mile/hr

Lap 1:
YEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!! I'm on my bike, I'm on my bike, get out of my way I'm on my bike!!! I promise I like the other events (well, they make me a better person perhaps), but the bike is just the bestest. Okay, so thankfully, I quickly managed to contain my excitement to do a little check. I got nervous about the whole repeat timer thing after the girl messed with it so I pull it out of my pocket to do a check. Sure enough, it was set for 20 HOURS instead of minutes. So, got it reset and chunked it back in my pocket. Once on the bike I immediately started drinking and took a swig of my perpetuem to get going. We weaved through town as we headed out to the Beeline. I was loving it and I was going anywehere from 18-21 mph. Hmmm, what was it that Allison said before the race? Something about backing off because there's this marathon thing afterwards? Yeah, I don't remember her saying that either. But seriously, I did try to keep that in mind. I would do a pedal force check (lol, gotta love how I do all of these, 'am I gonna die' checks). It's a real scientific simply ask yourself, "Am I pushing on the pedals too hard?" Nope! I tried to be honest with myself and keep it comfortable. Evrey now and then I might push a little harder to pass someone, etc. Passing can be soo addictive; I would be like, just one more, well one more, but I really need to be in front of this person. I think it drives me crazy to have someone in front of me. Back in college I used to ride with a guy that said he could control me like a horse with reins. If he wanted me to go faster, all he had to do was just move his wheel slightly in front of mine and I would instantly move faster to put mine back out front. I didn't even realize I was doing it. Anyways, (hmm, how many times am I gonna have to say 'anyways' in this stupid report because I can't stay on topic because apparently I have adult ADD)not 5 miles into the ride, I hear this guy come up beside me and he says, "Hey, Sulphur Springs!" It was the guy I met on the Sulphur Springs ride a couple weeks ago! Wow, never thought I would actually see him at the race with so many people there, but he managed to find me. I guess he recognized my bike or perhaps the pigtails that look like they belong to Jolly Green Giant's girlfriend gave me away. Anyways, so cool to see someone I kinda knew. I was surprised he dropped back though after that because he beat me on the bike by a few minutes at Sulphur Springs, but I think he was nervous about the run because he didn't look like the strongest runner at Sulphur Springs. Anyways (dang, that was quick), back to cruising down Beeline and passing lots and lots of people! Okay, too cocky, too cocky (this in the voice of the SNL skit, too sexy, too sexy). It's funny to look at the stats and see that I was 1215 out of the water (hey, I wasn't 2251) and moved up to 542. I didn't realize I passed nearly 700 people on the bike. So, that 542 is actually the place I moved up to after the bike, not sure how I placed overall on the bike, just know that I was 5th in my age group. Anyways (this is really pathetic, I need a thesarus if I'm going to get off topic so much), back to bicicleta riding. Oh yeah, after what seemed like a long 20 minutes, I pulled my repeat countdown timer out again and realized that it had gone off, I just couldn't hear it with the wind noise, so I just attached it to my aerobars and I think I finally solved the RCT issue. The aid stations were about every 7-10 miles so the plan was, dump my water bottle and grab a new one at each aid station. Then I would sip on the perpetuem and hammergel and I had some pb crackers and a fig newton bar just in case, but never used them. At the first aid station I had water still so kept on going. Nearing the turn around I saw and passed Allison. I said hi to her as I went by and expected her to tell me to calm down, but she didn't so off I went. I was glad to finally see someone I knew. I had no idea where I had come out of the water in relation to Allison, Regi, and the BTer's so I was constantly looking for people I knew on the bike. They had mile markers spaced every few miles apart and I was surprised at how my computer was almost exactly in line with their markers, almost to the hundredth every time. I made it to the outbound turnaround and they had some nice music going on. Chunked my water bottle, got a new one and off I went. Woohoo! Coming down was AAWWEEESSOOMMEE! I got up to 30 mph and was cruising! Man, I looked forward to that in the later laps. On the way out the wind had been against us, not a bad wind, but noticeable. Anyways, so I'm tearing down the hill and having the time of my life! Even at the bottom I'm still going at 24-25 mph. So, cruising back to town through the zig-zags. The volunteers were great, they cheered the entire time. My favorite were these two teenage boys at one of the turns. They would say things like, "Yeah, you go girl, you know you got it. Work it, work it." Made me laugh everytime. Coming back into the crowd was sweet! The course goes by the crowd goes across a bridge to the turnaround where they had good music playing, come back across the other bridge, back through the crowd and out for round 2. As I was heading back out through the crowd I saw (and HEARD) Lindsay and Erin. They said I just looked like I was having fun because I had the biggest smile on my face and I was. I could so do a 24 hr ride on this course. Cake walk compared to Cleburne. Oh, and some guy said he loved my pigtail comments. I can't count how many people commented on my pigtails during the race. Lot's of girls had them because it's easy to get the helmet on and keeps your hair pulled back for the run. Mine just stick out like sore thumbs though. Stupid hair!

Lap 2:
At this point I was desperate for a water bottle because at the previous aid station I didn't grab a new one because I still had some left, but then I ran out well before the next aid station. So, decided from here on out I would grab a new water bottle at every aid station whether I was finished or not. I hate being wasteful, but one bottle wouldn't get me through 2 aid stations. Besides, I really started drinking more so I almost finished off a water bottle by the time I reached the next aid station. Lap 2 was pretty uneventful. I saw no one I knew. It's funny because like I said, Regi was one of very few black people in the race so I thought he would be easy to find, but never saw him on the bike. I knew he was supposedly a strong biker and I thought that he came out of the water before me so I was constantly looking at the people on the return to see him, but never did (Did not see him the ENTIRE race, crazy). Occasionally I would see Allison as I was going in and she was going out, etc. Anyways, so uneventful is better than having problems so I'll take it. I made it to the turnaround getting all prepared to boogy, but Nooo! That's when the wind decided to rear it's ugly head. Okay, it really wasn't that ugly, wind was probably only like 10-15 mph that day, not even worthy of mentioning after hearing about last year's race, but dang it, I wanted my 30 mph and now I was only going like 25 mph. Oh well, still going way faster than I thought I would. If anything, the wind was our savior because it was so hot, the breeze would be appreciated on the run. So, cruising back in on lap two and pass the special needs station at mile 63. Didn't need anything so kept on truckin'. Goodbye salt and vinegar chips, I'll miss you! Oh, and lap 2 is where I started to get passed by some of the pros, man they were cookin'! You could hear them coming from a mile away because they all had rear disk wheels and you would just hir that building wir noise hurdling towards you and you knew that you better get your booty to the far right if it wasn't already there because they were coming through! It was the same routine coming back into town on the second loop, crowd, bridge, turnaround, bridge, crowd and back out. Lindsay and Erin were there once again. It feels like I'm only gone for a few minutes at a time, even though I know I'm not. It's funny to hear about how they would leave and go eat somewhere, go shopping, etc. and always be back in time to see me.

Lap 3:
So now for lap 3, it was here already and I felt as good as I did on lap one. I kinda felt like I could stop to go to the bathroom, but it wasn't really bad yet. I kept telling myself next aid station, next aid station, but I never stopped, just didn't have to go that bad. I really did consider going one time, but then I noticed something up ahead of me. I looked real hard and at first I just saw a tall guy in a familiar outfit. I think that's Aaron! As I get closer I see the red bike, the little flag and finally his number. Yep, it's definitely him. I say hello to him as I go by and I'm thinking woohoo, I just passed hoss Aaron, but then I got the sinking feeling of, "Aww crap! He's going to hunt me down on the run!" I was running scared the rest of the race. Thanks for the push Aaron! :) Oh, lap 3 my lower back was starting to get a little tight simply because I had been riding in my aerobars the ENTIRE time. There aren't any hills to break it up so I had to occasionally do some back stretches. The last pitch up before the turnaround I used to stand out of the pedals just to change it up a bit. Made the turnaround and now it was only a few miles back in to transition. My nutrition was right on. Made it through my entire bottle of perpetuem and some gel. Also, I went through my entire supply of endurolytes, which was about 4-5 per hour. I usually take 1-2 an hour IF I remember, but Allison said I really needed to up that for this race. So glad I did because I think it helped me from having problems later. On the last lap it was nice knowing that whoever I passed, I was beating them to transition. On earlier laps, I wouldn't know if someone was on lap 1,2, or 3. With about 6-7 miles left on the bike I started to get a headache so I took a couple of Tylenol 8 hour. Once I was in transition I didn't notice the headache anymore, but I think the headache was due more to perhaps tightening my helmet too tight, sunglasses on, etc. Coming back in on the final stretch it was nice to see the sign 'To transition.' However, I was sad to leave my bike, I was having a lot of fun. Time to get ready for the dirty work.
What would you do differently?:

I think overall I rode the bike portion smart. I wanted to ride so much faster, but I think I did my best to keep it relaxed. Only real mistake I can think of is in the beginning with the water. Next time I will just automatically grab a new water bottle at each aid station rather than waiting until I run out. Oh, the great thing was wearing my Texas Tech Jersey. It is my most comfortable of all my jersey's (it's getting quite worn out I love it so much). So many people were cheering for Texas, Texas Tech, Red Raiders, I loved it!

In addition to this being a flat course, the road is asphalt, which helped a LOT. There is only one small rough section which is maybe a quarter of a mile long that you ride twice on each lap, but I'll take that as opposed to riding chipseal the entire time. I think they did well with cleaning debris off of the road. I obviously did not have a flat and I saw very few people with flats. Allison said she saw several so perhaps I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let's see, what else? Oh, I thought the aid stations were laid out very well and it was easy to get what I wanted. The water was in store bought bottles with the sports top, so they are a little narrower than typical bike bottles, but still worked fine in my bottle cages. Everyone, to my surprise, did real well with watching those around them and slowing down to get nutrition. Something else, they changed up penalty boxes at this race; rather than being at transition, they had 3 penalty tents out on the bike course so that as soon as you received a penalty you headed for the next tent and sat your 4 minutes (if you got a drafting penalty). I think I saw a total of 2 people in the 3 tents the entire ride. Generally, people did their best to not draft and to keep moving. Nothing I saw was intentional. It looked like there were plenty of portapotty's across the course and I never saw a line at them. The volunteers even held your bike while you went in. I guess that's all I can think about the bike course (trying to provide details for those wanting to do this race in the future). Several thought it was a boring course, including me, but at the same time, I enjoyed the simplicity of it, the great big open sky overhead that made you feel the size of an ant, so at the same time, it's quite beautiful.
Transition 2
  • 07m 42s

I came in from the bike course, dismounted, handed off my bike and started running. Woa! Running not working in the bike shoes so I stop and remove my shoes and one of the spectators said, "Good idea!" Exactly, that's why I did it! So, now I'm running, to the gear bags, get my gear bag and I'm guided back into the changing tent. There were like 2 other girls in the tent and it was kind of a sad feeling. Felt as if I ws one of the last ones to come in from the bike. Definitely different from the mass hysteria in T1. So, once again sit down in a chair and dump my bag on to the ground. I take my sunglasses off and my eyes are so fuzzy because the wind had dried them out. Did I have any eye drops? Nooo! They would be in my swim to bike bag because I thought if I had problems it would be after the swim. So, kind of sat there blinking a little bit to get vision again. A volunteer would come by and ask if I needed help, but I really just wanted to take my time and do it myself, but they would keep coming and asking as I kindly turned them down. Then they started in with the, "Would you like some water?" No thank you. 5 seconds later, "Would you like some water?" No thanks, I'm good. And again, and again. Fine! Give me the damn water!! So, now that we got that out of the way, I changed tops and loaded up my pockets and sports bra with gels and endurolytes. I had one of the volunteers lather me in sunblcok again (it was too late at this point). I was finished with my bag so they loaded up my stuff for me. I then asked where the porta potty's were. The lady held me by the shoulders and guided me to the restrooms. Geez, lady I think I can walk and guide myself, just point them out to me. I go to the restroom and let out a fart so big it rattled the portapotty. Whew! I feel good! Came out of there to head for the run exit and saw Aaron coming into transition and he's pumped about the run. Dang it, I'm gonna get chased down by flag boy.
What would you do differently?:

Well, slow again, yet still within my 10 min. goal. I think it was a good thing to take my time to kind of let my legs recoup a bit and to get my wits about me before heading out for the marathon. Whatever you do, take the water! Even if your stomach feels like it's going to explode with fluids, take the water!
  • 4h 50m 39s
  • 26.2 miles
  • 11m 05s  min/mile

So here we are...the 'run,' the redheaded stepchild of them all. Normally I would say that about the swim because I suck so bad about that, but I don't think I ever really let it set in that I had a freakin' MARATHON to do now. I think it's kind of a mental game because after the swim and the bike, you feel like, wow, I'm 2/3 of the way there, but oh how your mind is mistaken. Did you ever do the stupid relay as a kid where you had to put your forhead to a baseball bat and spin around so many times and then try to run to some desitnation. That's basically what an IM marathon feels like. Your body is just going, 'what the hell are you trying to do to me?!' After transition, my legs felt much more springy, but not giddy enough for a marathon. I took off on the sidewalk to begin my first lap. We never looked at the run course so I had no idea what to expect. I knew from the course profile that the hills weren't going to be too bad and really it's all about one foot in front of the other. Seeing the course beforehand would have made no difference.

Lap 1:
So here's Plan A: Run, but walk the aid stations to make sure I get enough water down due to the heat. I would take a hammergel about every 3 aid stations and then endurolytes on the 2 inbetween. I dropped my endurolyte dosage down to about 3-4 an hour for the run. Okay, you must realize that the angel/devil characters you see on people's shoulders in tv/movies were right there with me the entire way. I think the angel won overall, but the devil sure does play hardball. So, the angel starts out, great, we can do this, just a nice easy run, just ran relaxed, don't have to push, just keep the feet turning over. You get a nice break about every mile at the aid stations for nice cold water. So, first aid station, I grabbed some water, took my endurolyte and then grabbed ice at the end to put some in my mouth to get me towards the next aid station. I grabbed ice at the end of EVERY aid station and I think it was a great idea. I did NOT use the wet sponges. I don't like running wet and I certainly did not want it to run down into my shoes and get my feet wet. Some people were just soaking wet and you could hear their shoes squish. Just made me cringe thinking about the building blisters. I never really felt that hot on the run. We were blessed with an overcast sky for a lot of it and the breeze really helped. I just made sure I got plenty of liquids and electrolytes in. So, continuing on my way, anxious to see what the course has for me. We run across the bridge and down the other side down a short steep hill and on to a dirt path. I was surprised that we got to run on more dirt than I thought we would. My legs would be thanking this fact. I felt worn out and I kept hoping that when I looked at my HRM that it would tell me that I needed to slow down, but the stupid thing always said I was right where I needed it to be. Shucks, can't even blame my stupid heart for my slow running. Oh, and the worst part of the run was seeing the mile markers because it seemed like I just saw all of the higher up numbers like 17, 22, etc. My numbers: 1, 2, 3, etc. just crawled by. In fact I felt like I had been running and running, but it had been a long time since I passed mile 2 and I wasn't seeing mile 3. Oh well, I bet I just missed it like I do in other marathons because the miles go by so fast. Yeah, I don't think so, I finally see mile 3 and I'm like, you have got to be kidding me. I did at least a 10k by now! Who's messing with the mile markers? Ugh, it was going to be a long run. The neat thing about the mile markers is that they had an inspirational quote on each one. The run headed back around a park and there was another aid station. Things were going okay, but man I had this incredible need to burp, like there was too much gas building in my stomach. I tried soo hard to force one out, but I would only get the occasional small teaser burps that would relieve the pressure just enough to go on. On the backside of the park was an uphill. Now, none of these hills are bad, in a normal marathon, probably wouldn't even make you bat an eye, but you felt them this day, at least I did. I ran up it though that first lap. Then you come back down the otherside and another aid station awaits. Then you head back in on the loop the way you came and start making your way towards the second loop of the lap. Running by transition I saw Lindsay and Erin (I got to see them twice on each lap, which was nice). Kept running through and now over to see the next loop. I didn't like this loop as much because it felt like it was just out in the middle of nowhere, no people, so quiet. Once you make the turn north and reach that aid station it was pretty cool though because they had music going and there was this big black volunteer, that would be like, "What do you need sweet thang?" I would say water and he would be like, "Water for the lady!" in his big booming voice. It was great. Then it's time for a little more uphill and to the backside of the course where most of the signs were. During the race expo they had a tent with big white boards, pickets, markers, stencils, stickers, etc. so that you could make inspirational signs for the athletes. Then, they set them up for you on race day. I looked for the signs we made, but didn't find a single one. Oh well. All I gotta say is that I wish I was Val or JR because I only saw about 1,000 cheering them on. We made a sign with a really goofy looking Gar on it because we decided we were team GAR for Gina-Allison-Regi. We're goobs. So, running through the sea of signs was nice, got me choked up a little bit (enough crying already!) and then it was time for another aid station. Still sticking to the plan. Then, you continue east for awhile before reaching the "Inspiration Station" They had a billboard that people could send messages to and a guy with a microphone would call out your name and they always had good 'pump you up' music going. More about the name calling: no, they weren't saying bad things, but they give you two race numbers at registration, one with your last name and one with your first name and you can choose which one you want to wear on the bike and run or if you want the same for both. A lot of people wore their race belt through the bike and run, but I hate noises on the bike so I pinned my last name number to my jersey so that I didn't have to listen to it flap behind me. So, on the run I had my first name. Having the name on your bib is awesome because people will cheer for you. However, it can be really eerie at times because sometimes the people are so good at their cheering and they say your name so sincerely that you have to do a double take just to make sure you don't actually know the person. So, anyways, then it was back across the bridge and back through the transition area to begin round 2. Often times Kirk was hanging out there to cheer me on. I kept wanting to ask where Allison and Regi were, but it didn't make a difference because I had to run my race, not their's.

Lap 2:
And guess what? Still tired and it's getting tougher and I'm only a third of the way through, woohoo (Devil coming in more). However, I spotted a girl up ahead of me that looked familiar. Sure enough it was Jess (Tri_take_me_away). So I yell her name and she turns around. I'm the big dork and am like, "Hi, I'm Gina, grvfrog. I'm from BT, blah blah." She was starting her first lap. I was so excited to see someone that I kinda sorta knew and I was talking in jldicarlo-ese. I'm sure Jess was like, hmmm, if you moved your legs as fast as you talked you might be getting somewhere. Poor thing was probably trying to collect her thoughts and here I am just rambling. I needed social interaction! Anyways, once we made it to the first aid station of the loop, I calmed down and decided to let her run her race. I told her Aaron was right behind us. I had to get moving, I was scared of seeing that red, white, and blue to go by me. However, here is where Plan B: goes into effect. Getting more tired and it got to the point where seeing someone run up a hill was rare. So, I joined in and decided to walk the major hills, but I tried to walk fast. I tried to tell myself, okay the middle mile markers are now mine, I can laugh at the smaller numbers, but devil guy said, "I'll tell you where you can go shove your inspiration!" Angel: Now what kind of attitude is that? They are just trying to keep you positive and you have to turn it into something negative. I swear those thoughts went through my head. Long distance stuff can be such an emotional roller coaster and I think I hit them all in this race. Most of lap 2 is kind of a blur. I just told myself to think about hitting halfway and then it will be downhill on the marathon. My stomach started to get a little more agitated. Not sick or shutting down really, at least not yet. But the gassy feeling was getting worse and the wimpy burps were helping less and less. Every now and then a guy would run beside me and let out a huge burp and say, "Excuse me!" No! You don't understand, I wish I could do that!! Why can't I do that?! I almost wanted to just belly flop on the ground to force it out. I was getting desperate. Anywas, made the loop around the park and was headed back on the out/back section of the loop when I see Aaron coming at me. Ah ha! There he is! He was looking good and was only a couple of miles behind me. Crap! Can I hang on for another half marathon?? Back across the bridge and I know special needs is just before transition. Mmm, mmm I'm getting some m&m's. Can't wait, can't wait. Chocolate sprung me back to life at the 24 hr ride, why not now?? So, coming into special needs I call out my number and they hand me my bag and I'm tearing through that thing like a kid at halloween. Candy Candy Candy!! Find the packages of fun size bags of joy and I'm off. I tear into that thing and toss several into my mouth. Oh yeah, chocolate! Just one small, itsy bitsy detail I forgot to include in the equation...WATER!! Doh! Next aid station was at least a half mile away. So, I'm running through the crowds with this nice chocolaty goo in my mouth. Alrighty then, moving on. Somwhere on this loop I came to the conclusion that the water, gel, endurloyte combo was not working anymore. Step down to Plan C: Cola! Yep, a scary thought for me because I gave up soda like over 4 years ago. It was so hard to quit, yet now I found the stuff as repulsive as cigarette smoking. However, everyone says it's the wonder drug and I feared my stomach on the verge of cratering. So, at the next aid station I passed on the water and grabbed a cola. Okay, I'm sorry, but has anyone seen the movie, 'Just Like Heaven'? All I could think about was the Napoleon Dynamite (can't think of his real name, sorry) character when he's at Elizabeth's apt. and he says, "Do you have a soda? I'm like 99.9% parched. I could really use a Cola." An of course he says it in that goofy voice of his. So every time I went to grab one, I just wanted to laugh. So anyways, here we are with the black substance that had been a demon in my life for so many years and I was somehow hoping it would save me?? This is so devil guy's doing. Down the hatch and I almost spewed. Bleh! How was I addicted to this?! It's awful! However, once I got passed the initial shock I was able to take down more. I grabbed my ice at the end as usual and was on my way. Within minutes I was starting to feel better and I was burping more. Glory Halleluyah!! I'm not going to die, I'm not going to die. It didn't solve the deadness of my legs or my aching feet, but the stomach issue had been resolved. Alrighty, it's cola from here on out! As I finished up lap 2 and ran through the transition area Haley and Liz asked if I needed anything and I think all I managed was a shake of my head. I knew what I needed and that was to just keep moving. Besides, even if I did want something, I wanted to follow the rules which state that you are not allowed any outside assistance. No one would have ever known, but if I needed something, I should have packed it. I also saw Kirk here too and he's smiling, but I was hurting. I yelled at him, "This hurts like hell!" He just laughed. I ran by Linsday and Erin and I just glared at them. They said I gave them evil looks. I guess I kinda did, they were looks like a lady in labor would give her husband. It was just the pain I was in, I did this to myself. But I'm sure somehow they were inadvertently responsbile for this, just haven't figured out how yet. :)

Lap 3:
Well, I was feeling more dead, but there was now a spark. Once again, anyone I passed, I was beating to the finish line. Just one more long lap and the pain would be over. I was running around a 6 hour marathon, which sucked, but I was gonna finish (keep going to the end, I'll explain then). I continued the coke regimen and walking hills. I think I walked even more this lap, but my running between the walks was getting faster. That's the only way I can explain how my pace went from 10:22 the first lap to 11:05 after the second, and was still 11:05 after the third. Somehow I managed to minimize my damage that last lap. I talked to others more that last lap. So many people were claiming to have really bad days, they're worst Ironman, etc. I didn't realize how many people around me were a lap down on me. I saw a guy in an Austin tri-cyclist jersey and said hi and that I was from TX too. He asked where and I told him from Longview. Turns out he was from Marshall, 20 miles away. Cool. On this lap around the park, there is also a dog park, that was so quiet the previous 2 times, but this time the dogs were so loud and having so much fun. I wish my puppy dog could have been playing there. On the way back on the out/back section I looked for Aaron again, but didn't see him. Hmm, either that means, he's gaining on me or he's fallen back. I just knew he was gaining on me. Must keep going! I slogged back across the bridge, down the sidewalk by the aid station with all the cutesy college girls. Blah, bet you get to eat whatever you want and not gain a pound! I hate you. Okay, that's just the devil, I'm not jealous of skinny girls, really (okay, I so totally am). Back by transition I saw Lindsay and Erin for the last time before I would see them at the finish. I just told myself, you're so close, you can do this, only 4 miles to go. I could tell Lindsay and Erin wanted to say I was almost there, but I threatened them with their live to never utter those words to me in this race because there is no such thing. So now heading back out to the quiet loop. Running running running. The sun is starting to set. I was going to finish a little after 7. I thought about pushing to try to get in under 13 hrs, but I told myself to stick with where I was at. Don't goal inflate. My goal for the race was 14-15 hours with an optimistic goal of 13-14 hours so I was going to reach optimistic big time. So, continue to just put one painful step in front of painful step. As I round the corner to the fun aid station. I hear a wonderful sounds...Van Halen!!! Later going into the finish I told myself to make sure I remembered what song was playing as I crossed the finish. I don't remember. But I remember this song! It was "Dreams," quite the fitting song I think:

World turns black and white
Pictures in an empty room
Your love starts fallin down
Better change your tune (okay, gotta be postive now, I'm so close)
Reach for the golden ring
Reach for the sky (I'm digging deep for that finish line so hard now!)
Baby just spread your wings
We’ll get higher and higher straight up we’ll climb
We’ll get higher and higher leave it all behind (definitely trying to leave this run course behind)
Run, run, run, away (going as fast as I can)
Like a train runnin off the track
The truth gets left behind
And falls between the cracks
Standing on broken dreams
But never losing sight
Spread your wings
So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you’ve cried (yeah, I did a little crying today)
Ohh that’s what dreams are made of (I'm living my ultimate dream!)
Oh baby we belong in a world that must be strong (I feel so weak though)
Ohh that’s what dreams are made of
Higher and higher who knows what we’ll find
And in the end on dreams we will depend
Cause thats what love is made of

Yeah, I'm a dork. I grew up a daddy's girl, hence my extreme love for classic rock. The song was just what I needed to hear because it brought pep back to my step. And no, I didn't stay there to listen to the whole thing, but I know all the words and sang them to myself as I went along and no, not out loud. The people around me are in enough pain as it is. Sheesh! The song made me want to cry because I was so close, yet it made me laugh thinking about the bike dorks back home and their fetish for Sammy. So, I ran up that hill after the aid station. Not fast of course, but I didn't want to walk anymore. I ran through the sea of signs and to another aid station. Somewhere I had missed the mile markers though. You would think I would remember where they were at after seeing them 2 previous times. But I hadn't seen a mile marker since mile 22. My spurt of energy was quickly fading again and I was just like, how long is this mile? Finally, in the distance I spotted one. Please, please God, let this say mile 24. If I am just now reaching mile 23 I will cry! Trust me, you know I'll do it, done it already today and my eyes were constantly doing the misty thing every time I thought about the finish. God is good though; he is great. Once the sign finally came into view, it said 25! Ahh yeah! Gina's going to the hizzy!! Man, I was just cheesing. I almost had to do a mile 25 happy dance, but I decided running would get me to the finish faster. At the next and my final aid station I started chunking away the stuff from my back pockets so that I didn't have this bulge running into the finish. Allison says she takes some water and cleans off her face, etc. Okay, not going that far. I'm so gross right now, a little water isn't going to do anything. I run by the inspiration station and they have just that bumping music going and I am just pumped. I'm running across the Mill Ave. bridge and they already have the neat Christmas type lights on and it's so pretty. Those bridges are soo long though. I felt like I was just running and running and running. Does this bridge ever end?? Finally, I see it, Lap 2 and 3 to the right. To finish, straight. Woohoo! I get to go straight, I get to go straight!! I moved over to the straight lane and I was smiling so big. One of the specators was like, "Yeah, you smile! She's going in!" From the previous years race reports it sounds like you had to make a block before going into the finish so that's what I was thinking I would have to do, but with the course change I guess not because I made the turn and there I was. The finisher's lane!!! It was heaven, absolute heaven. It was so bright and so loud with the roaring crowd. It was carpeted for that 200 meters or so into the finish line. It was so soft and springy. I've never smiled so big in my life. You want to run to the finish so fast so that you can stop, yet you wish that you could just freeze this moment in time because it's just so awesome. There is no one in front of me and I do a quick peek back to make sure no one is behind me. I didn't mind being passed in the end. I just didn't want anyone in my finisher's photo. So, I'm running in and feel like I am just bounding. I tried to play off to the crowd that this run thing didn't hurt. And of course, I'm waiting for those magical words from Mike Reilly, "Gina Vandiver, YOU are an Ironman!" The words made me giddy and perhaps that's why I can't remember the song playing at the time. I pretty much tuned out after that, I got what I came for, but apparently he added something about my pigtails too. I look at the clock and it says 12:xx. I didn't see the minutes because after seeing the 12 I got mad. They have the clocks wrong! (Go with me on this!). I'm still smiling though. I see the finisher's tape and run through it with my arm's in the air and hands giving the big guns up! Running through that tape was awesome, made you feel like you won the whole thing! It was over, I could stop! (Go to warm-down)

What would you do differently?:

What would I do differently? Hmmm, I think considering I kept moving forward, even if walking was a good thing. My coach said that a 4:30-5:00 marathon in an IM is still a good marathon so guess I technically had a good marathon even though it diddn't feel like it. I think I was smart about not restricting myself to one plan that wasn't working, but going to the cola was risky since I hadn't had it in so long. Luckily it worked out. I did really well with fluids and electrolytes I think. Saw lot's of people headed to the medical tent after the finish. I had no cramping issues like I did at the end of BSL so that was great! So, I'll leave myself alone for now about the run. I'm sure it will start eating away at me in a couple of weeks as usual.
Post race
Warm down:

I come across the line and the volunteers instantly grab you, wrap a blanket around you and start shuffling through the finish chute. Getting you your finisher gear, picture, food, water, take your chip off and make sure you're okay. While they're jerking me around I look back at the clock to see if it's right on the other side. I'm still seeing 12's. What the heck?! Now my finisher photo is going to be wrong! As I'm nearing the end of the finisher's chute I see Kirk and he gives me the biggest bear hug and I start to cry a little, just a little this time. He tells me how proud of me he is. As I'm hugging him I see Erin and Lindsay so have to give them nice sweaty hugs too. So then, I ask, "What was my time?! They had the clocks wrong!" Kirk says to me, "You did it in a little over 12 hours." Me: "But it's a little after 7, that's 13 hours." Kirk, "You started at seven!" I look over at Erin and Lindsay and they are nodding in assurance. I sit there for a few seconds to let the gears start working in my head..."Holy Sh*t!!! I just did a little over a 12 hour Ironman!" Kirk then says, "It's Ironman, they've put on a few of these and I think they know how to work a clock." So, lesson learned, Gina can't do math while running. What kills me is how sure I was that I was doing a little over 13 hours. I was so sure in my head and the fact that I was literally getting mad when I saw the clocks. I'm such a goober!

So now the waiting game. Lindsay immediately whips out the cell phone and calls my secretary (she had been giving her updates all day) and shoves the phone in my ear. So, I tell her all about it. It was funny because both Lindsay and my secretary asked if I still wanted to do the double. I was like, "Oh yeah!" They were like, "I thought you said that hurt?" It did, it's supposed to! Then, I decide to call my dad. He is happy, but is pissed. He was like, I thought you said it was going to be 14-15 hours?? I know, that's what I thought, but I guess I messed up. He had the video feed on all day and was out of the computer room doing other things because he wasn't expecting me yet. Oops! So, we're sitting waiting on Allison. Regi would be a bit further behind. Evidentally Regi kind of bonked on the bike, but regained stength on the run. I'd sit for awhile, get stiff, stand up for awhile, feel weird then bend over and feel better. All things considered I felt great after the race, but it was a long day. I kep looking for Aaron to come in too because I just knew he was right behind me. When he didn't show and didn't show, I started to worry. Finally Allison came in. She did so awesome. She was only 2 minutes off of her PR, but her PR was at IMFL which is the easiest of the IM course and she said that this IMAZ was the worst weather conditions she had competed in (heat). So, I think she did great. So now we're just missing Regi. We all sat there and occasionally I would go back for a slice of pizza. Kirk even brought out an entire box of pizza for us. I think I ate about 3-4 slices out of that box. I started seeing people coming in with glow necklaces. Aww, I want a glow necklace! Kirk: Gina, the goal is to finish without needing one. ME: But they're pretty. Technically, I finished at dark, mayeb dusk, but Kirk says I could still count it as finishing in the day. My finish photo looks dark,but we were also coming in from the east, had we come in the other side with the sun going down behind us, you would have seen a hint of light, honest. :) Allison said she wasn't feeling very well so she went back to lay down in the car. Finally saw Aaron as he was escorted to the medical tent, but he looked okay so that was a relief. Briefly talked with Haley and Liz and Aaron. We're still waiting, waiting waiting. Lindsay, Erin and I start imagining horrible things happening to Regi. Is he in the hospital? He shouldn't still be out there! Kirk was waiting inside the finisher chute for him. 15 hours go by and still no Regi, 15:30, no Regi. I'm tired of sitting on the curb, I want a shower, I want more food, non pizza and I want to be in comfortable clothes. Then, I'm sitting there and see a black dude. Wait a sec, not too many of those running around here. Sure enough, it's Regi and he's in sweats and just chillin'. I'm like Regi! He's all, oh hi, how's it going? We've been waiting for you!! Turns out, he finished in 14:04, went to get a massage, change clothes, etc. What?! You mean, I could have been getting a massage, we could have been out of here and been back to see the last hour finishers, but nooo. I wanted to hit him I was so frustrated, but at the same time I was so relieved he was okay. So, we go get Kirk and now time to gather our gear. Ugh! Our big error was that we brought the bikes in Regi's suburban. We gave all of our tickets to Kirk and he could have had all of our stuff loaded by finish, but Regi didn't give him the keys. So, now we were carrying all of our junk and stumbling for the cars. Once there we make the executive decision to just grab some burgers on the way home and not stay for the last finishers. Allison wasn't feeling good and I was pooped. So grab burgers and finally home. We were tired, but of course sat there talking about our race experiences forever. Oh and Kirk brought out two bouquets of flowers, one for Allison and one for me. Awww, how sweet! He wanted to have them at the finish, but didn't think they would last all day out there. They were so pretty and I was so excited. I never get flowers. Finally I made my way to the shower. I just died under the hot water. Ahh, no more salt! I also discovered the areas that were missed with sunblock. That's gonna hurt. I finally crawled into bed around 1 am. That's when I started thinking. I only peed one time the entire race!! I mean, I went in my wetsuit in the water, twice, but other than that I only went after the bike and didn't have to go again, not even after the race. Oh well, I felt fine. You would think after the big day I would sleep like a rock. I slept like crap...maybe slept 2 hours. Ugh!

So, woke up really early the next morning and turned on the TV, flipping through channels and found that they had the race on tv. Allison woke up early too so we watched the rest of it together. I was going to breakfast with my friends and then starting the long drive back to Longview. Kirk, Allison and Regi were staying through Wednesday so they were going to the athlete breakfast, etc. However, we decided we needed a prebreakfast breakfast so we went to McD's. They had papers there so Allison yanks one up and flips to the sports to see the coverage on the race. She then says, "Uh, Gina. I think you may want to take a look at this." So, I take the paper and there, plastered on the front page is me in my bawling glory! Agh! No no no!! Why?! We all start dying laughing. They could have put the pros on front at least and put my picture in the middle if they had to have it in there, but no, let's put it on front. Mortified! Absolutely mortified! So, of course we couldn't stop laughing about it throughout prebreakfast breakfast. They then drop me off at the house and I began loading my things. So sad to be leaving. I wish I could have stayed longer now that it was over and the stress was gone. Oh well. Allison had shoe polished my car (still haven't washed it). After loading I headed to IHOP to meet Erin and Lindsay. I ate a huge breakfast and then we said our goodbyes (they were flying back that afternoon). The drive that day went quite well just as before, but with less wind. I decided I would stop in Pecos for the night, which I reached around 8 pm. However, all of the hotels were booked. So drove to Monohans, but those hotels looked scary. Okay, I'll drive to Odessa, but not really any hotels on I-20 and didn't feel like taking the loop into the city. So finally ended up stopping in Midland. I felt stupid stopping there because it's less than 2 hours from Abilene and I wasn't tired, but my eyes were so dry from the day before that lights were starting to get fuzzy. It wasn't worth the risk. There weren't two many places to eat near the hotel. I wasn't in a burger mood and I was left with Burger Kind, Sonic, and Whataburger. Okay, sonic it is. It was quite humorous as I ordered a little of everything. Should have just told them, give me one of everything. Slept a little better that night.

Woke up Tuesday, ate some breakfast and made it to Abilene around 10:45. I visited my old high school and college cross country and track coach over at McMurry. They just got a new red track and it smelled so good and was so pretty. Anyways, Coach Crousen was just in awe over my accomplishment. So, I'm glad I made her proud. I ate lunch with my mom, sister, and brother in law. My mom didn't ask a single question about my race which made me sad. Over at my dad's to pick up my computer, I showed him the pictures from my camera and the paper. He was mad because I only got one paper. I didn't think he would care, but he hasn't shut up since the race. Maybe I finally made it through to my dad, at least for a few days. I'll take it. Swung by to get my dog and now 5 hours back to Longview. Pulled in to Longview a little before 7 pm. Home, finally. What an amazing trip! It's gonna be awhile to knock me down from this high!

What limited your ability to perform faster:

1) Slacked on so many workouts and strenth training. Not good. Still mad at myself for this one.
2) Pigged out for months, hence my heavy weight going into the race. Really really really mad about this. I must remedy this before the double.
3) Genetics

Event comments:

Ironman is truly an experience! The price of it is ridiculous, but I think it is so worth it to at least do it once. They have there race stuff down as far as volunteers and stuff needed during the race. Finisher stuff leaves a little something to be desired, but if you're going just for the gear, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. This will defintiely be the most memorable race of my life. There will be long swims, long bikes, and long runs, but being able to put it all together for the first time is priceless. I did something I never thought possible, and I'm still trying to let it sink in that I actually did it. To all those that doubted me, "Eat my shorts!" Lol. But truthfully, I've got to learn to stop doubting myself. I go and go and go trying to disprove the nonbelievers in me, but their disbelief has worn off too much on me and I've got to escape that. Ironman was a nice step in the right direction. And to have my best friends there meant the world to me. Made it that much more special. Who needs a sucky boyfriend when you got friends like these?? :)

Last updated: 2006-04-13 12:00 AM
01:21:03 | 4224 yards | 01m 55s / 100yards
Age Group: 35/57
Overall: 1215/1943
Performance: Average
Suit: Sleeveless Full
Course: The course is real simple for this one. A one loop course starting in front of the Mill Avenue Bridge. You then swim East, into the sun. You cross under the Rural Street bridge and go a ways further before hanging a left for about 100 meters and then left again to make the journey back. After crossing back under the Mill Avenue bridge a ways you make a left turn to head for the steps. And out you go!
Start type: Deep Water Plus: Shot
Water temp: 68F / 20C Current: Low
200M Perf. Average Remainder: Average
Breathing: Good Drafting: Below average
Waves: Navigation: Good
Rounding: Good
Time: 07:06
Performance: Below average
Cap removal: Good Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? No Run with bike:
Jump on bike:
Getting up to speed:
05:41:43 | 112 miles | 19.67 mile/hr
Age Group: 5/57
Overall: 542/1943
Wind: Some
Course: The IMAZ bike course is a 3 loop course and they changed it up from last year by eliminating the final city loop and taking out 18 turns per lap. So, definitely happy with the changes, but I think I would have prefered a 2 loop course. However, seeing the crowd 3 times was nice too. Either way, you still gotta do the 112 miles. So, back to the course. You leave transition and make a few zig-zags out to the Beeline Hwy. From there you head out to the turnaround just before Shea Blvd. and head back into town where zip out over one bridge to the inbound turn around and then back across the other bridge for rounds two and three. Once on the third lap you'll head straight after the bridge, make a block and back into transition. Each lap is a gentle incline out to the far turnaround. It's so slight that you won't know your climbing until the later portions of the beeline where it tilts more, but nothing a big ring can't handle.
Road: Smooth Dry Cadence:
Turns: Good Cornering: Good
Gear changes: Good Hills: Good
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 07:42
Overall: Below average
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike
Running with bike
Racking bike
Shoe and helmet removal
04:50:39 | 26.2 miles | 11m 05s  min/mile
Age Group: 22/57
Overall: 482/1943
Performance: Average
Course: The run course is also a 3 lap course, however, you do kind of a figure 8 so you have 2 loops per lap. Also, on parts of the run you double back on the way you ran out so you got to see people running in the opposite direction. The course is mainly sidewalk with some dirt sections and fine crushed grabel along with some asphalt. The first loop of the lap goes to the east along sidewalk to the bridge, across the bridge and then running down towards the water on the opposite side. You then head north around a park that also has a dog park in it. Come back in on the other side of the park and then head back in the way you came out, back across the bridge, down the sidewalk (the lower section near the water this time) through the crowds near transition and out to the second loop of the lap. This side had more asphalt and is kind of out in the middle of no where. You start out west for awhile and then head north, coming back down towards the bridge, back across, making a block, through the transition area and back out for rounds 2 and 3. Sounds a little confusing, but it's very easy to tell once you're out there and the course is very well marked.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
Physical exertion [1-5] 4
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Too easy
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Average
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

2006-04-18 11:05 PM

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Longview, TX
Subject: Ironman Arizona

2006-04-18 11:17 PM
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2006-04-18 11:45 PM
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Orange, Massachusetts
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

Nice going Gina.  Another Ironman on were simply awesome, was a blast tracking you and everyone else all day long!


2006-04-19 12:24 AM
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DC Metro, slowly working my way to NC
Bronze member
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
Congratulations, Ironman!!  A really fantastic day there. 
2006-04-19 5:30 AM
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Queen BTich
Gold member
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

Hey, your RR is longer than Aarons! I'm impressed.

Great job; you looked awesome out there all day!

2006-04-19 8:47 AM
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Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
Awesome race report! Thanks for all the detail - it lets the rest of us live the experience. Incredible bike leg - just so damn impressive. Congratulations!

2006-04-19 9:00 AM
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West Henrietta, NY
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

What a way to waste the first hour and a half of work this morning.  Great report and great race Gina!


2006-04-19 10:44 AM
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Extreme Veteran
Denver, CO
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

I logged on this morning and said, "Oooh! Gina (finally) posted her race report. Oh wait, let me run to the bathroom really quick. Oh, and I better get my breakfast and fill up the Nalgene bottle with water because I'm going to be here for a while!!" As always, you didn't disappoint. Great report!

Gina, I hope you know that NO ONE here on BT who follows your training was ever among those who doubted you. We all know that you worked so hard, trained hard, and were prepared for this race. I knew you could do it, and I knew you would surprise yourself. You need to give yourself WAY more credit than you do. You are such a talented athlete, and I hope you're finally beginning to see that.

Congratulations on smashing your goals. So proud of you!!!

2006-04-19 10:45 AM
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Keller Tx
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

Anyways........Great RR.  You let us know every little thing about your experience.  Love the Angels and Demons talk.


Great job crushing your goals..

Congrats IRONMAN

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2006-04-19 10:52 AM
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Broomfield, Colorado
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
Gina, I have SO been dying to see this report!  Awesome recap of your trip and the IM!  You kicked butt, as I fully expected you to do!  Fabulous work out there in rock woman!    Congratulations!
2006-04-19 11:01 AM
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Evergreen, Colorado
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

As always, Gina...a PLEASURE to read your RR!  Excellent detail!  And I feel so special!  My name made it in there and I wasn't even there!  Woohoo!   You did forget to mention talking to me on the phone while you were driving even if I didn't mean to dial your number!

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are a phenomenal athlete.  YES, I just called you an athlete.  Anyone who doesn't or didn't cannot possibly have realized your true potential.

On to the double!

2006-04-19 12:32 PM
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Pulaski TN
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
2006-04-19 12:39 PM
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Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

'Bout time you got this in here, slacker Wink

Oh and nice job.  Super-pumped about the Double.


2006-04-19 12:43 PM
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Oak Lawn, IL
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
great r.r. awesome job... congrats
2006-04-19 1:20 PM
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Crystal Lake, IL
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
Wow, great race and what a great read.  Thanks for all the info and letting us newbies live vicariously through you.  I love your directness, you crack me up!  Congrats again.
2006-04-19 1:22 PM
in reply to: #399677

Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

Several thought it was a boring course, including me, but at the same time, I enjoyed the simplicity of it, the great big open sky overhead that made you feel the size of an ant, so at the same time, it's quite beautiful.

Hot damn that was spoken like a true Texas girl.

What a race! What a race report. My parents asked me after my first race (a 10 miler) if I was "done yet". Done? Done? What they hell does that mean? Anyway, having a family not get it is really hard. Glad you were able to get through to your dad!

So glad to meet you out there, and see you just totally kick butt. You are an AMAZING athlete -- it's really quite impressive. Go you!

2006-04-19 2:55 PM
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Williamston, Michigan
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Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
First of all you are an athlete and a VERY GOOD ONE.  You totally ROCKED that race Gina.  Your bike was totally amazing!!!  You should go pro I swear  
2006-04-19 8:58 PM
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Frisco, Texas
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona

Great race!  Awesome race report.  I really enjoyed reading it.  Felt like I was there. 

You did great and should be so proud.


2006-04-20 6:42 PM
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Hollidaysburg, PA
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
2006-04-20 9:35 PM
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Malvern, England
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
As a relative newbie, I have just been glued to your race report for the last half hour. You are truly an inspiration and I hope to be able to follow in your footsteps one day

Thanks for sharing it all with us

2006-04-21 6:34 AM
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La Crosse
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
Guess who just made my new sig?

"YEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!! I'm on my bike, I'm on my bike, get out of my way I'm on my bike!!!" -- grvfrog at IMAZ

2006-04-21 11:20 AM
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Albuquerque, NM
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
What a great RR. Almost felt like I was there.
Oh and Congratulations Ironman.
2006-04-21 2:40 PM
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Pittsburgh, my heart is in Glasgow
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
awesome awesome awesome .

Check your Messages too, got a favor to ask.
2006-04-21 5:04 PM
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Official BT Coach
Englewood, CO
Gold member
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
I sat at work and read your whole race report!  Nice job.  I bet you were excited when you went 12:08.  I had many of the same experiences when I did IMCDA in 2004.  Great to read all your trails and tribulations.  Congrats IRONMAN!
2006-04-21 10:21 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Peachtree City, GA
Subject: RE: Ironman Arizona
Best race report ever! I wish you all of the best in future racing. Congratulations!!!
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